Grilling Meat: Tips and Tricks

The warm weather in summer creates a perfect opportunity for people to enjoy grilled meat. This is because you can grill your steak without worrying that the rain or the cold will put out the fire. In fact, most people prefer to have grilled meat during parties. The aroma that fills the air when the meat is cooking on the grill is irresistible. As a matter of fact, grilling is the easiest way of cooking meat. While it’s obvious that everyone loves eating grilled meat, it’s only a handful of people that know how to go about it. You can actually grill finger-licking meat by just following the tricks and tips that are outlined below. 

1. Choose What to Grill

As long as you have the desire for pleasing your loved ones, you can literarily grill any meat. You can actually opt to grill beef, pork, chicken, fish or mutton. The good thing is that you will use the same tricks regardless of your choice of meat. The only difference is that meat from large animals takes a little longer to cook over the grill. Once you have made up your mind, you must then remove your meat from the freezer and allow it to rest for a few minutes. This helps in bringing it to room temperature which in return helps in ensuring that the heat penetrates deep into the steak.

2. Cut the Steak and Marinate

For best results, it’s advisable you avoid grilling huge pieces of meat because it’s a bit cumbersome to roast them evenly. You should, therefore, start by cutting the steak into sizes that can fit on the plate of the grill. If there are ribs or legs, you should try separating them around the joints. Once you have cut the steak into various sizes, you can now marinate them with your favourite spices and sauces. You should marinate them for about 20 minutes so that the flavours can be absorbed by the steak. If you don’t marinate early, it’s obvious that you will miss your desired flavour. Some of the most common ingredients that are used for marinating grilled meat include rosemary, ginger, garlic, lemon and pepper among others.

3. Turn the Grill On

This one actually goes without saying. A grill is a must-have for grilling meat. In fact, you have two options; use a charcoal grill or one that is powered by gas. However, most people prefer the type that uses wood or charcoal because it helps in saving energy costs. But before you place your meat on the grill, it’s advisable you first give it a thorough cleaning to remove the dirt that was left behind the last time you used it. This also helps in ensuring that the meat doesn’t stick on the grill. Once the grilling plate is clean, you should then turn it on. If you are using a charcoal grill, you should wait until the flames have died and the charcoal is glowing to place your steak on the fire.

4. Spread the Steak on the Grill

You should spread your steak on the grilling plate when the charcoal is sizzling hot such that you can’t touch it with bare hands. After placing the meat on the grill, you have to give it some time to cook. This is actually where most people fail the test of time. If you keep turning the meat every two minutes, it will definitely not cook well. For best results, it’s advisable you only flip the meat after it’s mildly charred, probably after 10 minutes. This is known to help the heat of the grill to burn the fats that are on the outer surface and give the meat a juicy taste.

5. Managing the Heat of the Grill

The key to grilling meat lies in knowing how to manage the heat in the oven. This is because you have to alternate between high and low temperatures to achieve an evenly cooked steak. While too much is needed in the first few minutes, it can cause too much searing and leave the inside of the steak uncooked. You should, therefore, reduce the heat of the roasting oven after you are done with searing so that the meat can cook slowly. If you are using a charcoal, grill, you can reduce the heat by closing the ventilation openings. If you are using a gas stove, you should consider moving your steak to a grilling plate that has medium heat.

6. Cover Meat with Foil

Once the steak is ready, you should cover it with aluminium foil.  The logic behind this trick is that it helps in ensuring that the flavours of the steak don’t evaporate. The foil also helps in trapping heat which in return guarantees that the meat will continue to cook slowly, especially if you don’t intend to serve your guests right away.

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