GogoPrint High Quality Printing Singapore With User-friendly Website

With a vast number of printers out there, it can be a headache sourcing for a reliable provider who can offer fast and user-friendly services. In our recent quest for quality name cards production, we were introduced to Gogoprint through word of mouth by friends who have used their services before. Gogoprint high quality printing Singapore offers more than just production service. Through their fast and user-friendly website, we found free name cards design service, easy and fast delivery. After I have visit and walked through the service with a big quality impression I have for this brand, I would like to share with you my experience with Gogoprint, which I used to print my business cards .

All of Gogoprint’s products can be found and accessed from the product grid on the homepage, or through the drop-down menu in the website header. Clicking on one of the products leads you to that product’s dedicated page, where you can learn more details about the product, view examples of previously printed items by Gogoprint, and read reviews from previous customers. It is also on the product page where you can actually configure products according to your needs, and place them in your shopping cart.

Step1: Choosing your options

Depending on the product that you want to order, there are a variety of options that you can pick in order to make your products yours. Mainly, you can pick from different formats, papers, and refinements. Whenever you change your selection, prices are automatically updated in the price list below. I found this very convenient because it allows to immediately see the impact on prices of changing a product option.Step 2: Browsing the price list and choosing quantities/delivery date 

Once you’ve settled on your product options and are ready to order, you can add your product to your cart directly from the price list. To do that, decide on the quantity that you would like to order, and pick when you would like to receive your products. Then, just click in the price table right on the cell representing the combination that you want. After clicking the price table, a pop-up will open to choose some final product options.At the bottom of the pop-up, you have the choice to directly add the products to your shopping cart (and upload your files once the order is placed), or to upload the files before adding to your cart.

Step 3: Upload Artwork Files

If you decide to upload your files before adding to cart, it’s very simple. After selecting and uploading your file(s), the website displays a preview which enables you to quickly double-check if you uploaded the correct file. Very convenient! If you decide to not order your files at this stage (because maybe they aren’t ready yet), you can do it after your order is placed, from your account dashboard.

Step 4: Checking out

Once your products are in your shopping cart (with or without artwork files), you can add more products or start checking out. The checkout is very simple: (i) you add your delivery and billing address; and (ii) you choose one of Gogoprint’s payment options, which consist of bank transfer, credit card, or online banking transfer. With a couple of clicks, you can place your order.

Step 5: Products Delivered 

After placing your order, Gogoprint will deliver your products all over Malaysia for free, according to the speed that you ordered. You will receive a unique tracking code which allows you to check on the status of your product delivery at any time.

To sum it all up, Gogoprint ’s website is reliable, comprehensive and very user-friendly. I didn’t experience a single hiccup, and it’s so convenient. If you try it, you’ll probably be impressed by the end result in terms of convenience, quality and delivery speed. Why not try this service?

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