FilmoraGo – Everything You Need For Video Editing On Android

Since the day I purchased my GoPro, learning the tips and tricks of filming and doing simple treatment using the standard GoPro app has been great fun. But after a while, I do desire to do more and make better videos. This got me on a hunt for a more advance video editing tool that can allow quick and convenient post-production. It did not take long for me to decide that desktop-based software is not what I am looking for. Smartphone app stores are flooded with editing apps but FilmoraGo was able to stand out from the rest.

FilmoraGo – Say Hello To Your New Best Mate For Videos

If you are new to FilmoraGo, it is basically a free video editing program that is available on both iOS and Android. Ever since I have downloaded the Android new version 4.0 released in the middle of July, I have fallen in love with it as the perfect video editing app for Youtube and Tiktok. Here’s why.

User Interface

The user interface is of the utmost importance when it comes to mobile apps. FilmoraGo comes with an awesome UI which helps you operate with just simple instructions. The average person on the streets with minimal editing knowledge can work their way out.

Once you call up FilmoraGo, you will be able to start a brand new job with the New Project button. This is where you can add your videos, images and some pre-made intro scene. The speed at which the media takes to import is dependent on your smartphone.

With that done, you will edit your videos. On the bottom of the screen, there are numerous options you can apply like trim, text, filter, effect, adjustment etc. Exploring them will reveal more options hence as you trim a clip you will get options to copy, paste or delete cut shots. As you choose music tracks, you will be able to add your recorded sound files, buy beats or select some pre-made music as background music.

Once you are done, remember to give your video a title. In FilmoraGo you will able to add texts on your project and to make more professional, you can change the colour, add drop shadow and even animate that. All of these features are available on the text tab.

Effects and Filters

Once you are pleased with the timeline you can add filters to give the video a professional look. It can be compared to colour grading if you are familiar with the term. You will also be able to adjust the strength of the filter. Later you can add effects, like chromatic, bad TV signal, Water, AmPlash etc. These will come in handy on B-roll shots.

Not forgetting the transitions, you can add some motion to your footage while changing shots and removes a hard cut. If you shoot your footage keeping this mind, you will be able to make eye-catching videos for your audience. FilmoraGo comes 25 transitions and most of them look great.

Exporting Videos

The good folks behind FilmoraGo crafted their app with social media in mind. The canvas option in the menu bar allows you to select the ratio you want to export your video. If you are planning to upload the video to Instagram, you can select 1:1 or 4:5 aspect ratio, or 9:16 for Tiktok.

You have the option to render the same project with different ratio to upload it to several platforms too. Once you are satisfied with your project, simply click on the top right arrow button, select the resolution you desire, press export and you are good to go!


The best part of FilmoraGo is that you can use all of the pre-installed effects even on the free version and render your videos up to 720P. However, you will need to bear with a small FilmoraGo watermark on the lower right corner. If you want to go higher on the resolution and remove of the watermark, you can do that with a monthly and annual Pro subscription. You also have the option of adding extra filters, effects and stickers by paying a small fee, but if you go for their subscription plan, everything will be free.


In summary, FilmoraGo comes with a lot of features that will allow you to create professional-looking videos with ease. The Pro version (Monthly/ lifetime) will remove the watermark and you also get to enjoy no limit for effects which we felt are pretty worth it for all the features you will be enjoying. Ready to get started? Download via FilmoraGo now and use this promo code: F1LM0RAG0. Have fun creating amazing videos!

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