Wildlife Reserves Singapore Launched Adopt An Animal Programme

If you have ever visited the Singapore Zoo wishing you could do more for our wildlife friends, now is your chance! Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) has officially launched its Adopt an Animal programme today, allowing members of the public to share their love and support for wildlife by adopting a selected animal of their choice.

Featuring three tiers of adoption contributions ranging from $200 to $1,500, the programme welcomes adoptions by the public for 10 featured species: Ah Meng the Sumatran orangutan; Ben & Bella the African penguins; Bosco the red ruffed lemur; Bunny the two-toed sloth; Coco the Aldabra giant tortoise; Matahari the Malayan sun bear; Pedro the California sea lion; Psota the pygmy hippopotamus; Rambo the eastern grey kangaroo, and Ronnie the rex rabbit. Each contribution comes with special privileges including adoption e-certificates and invitations to WRS events and previews.

Ms Isabel Cheng, Senior Director of Partnership Development, WRS, shared, “The living collection in our parks are animal ambassadors for their wild cousins. After visiting us and making a connection with these species, many have followed up to ask how they can do something for wildlife and make meaningful contributions towards our animals and the conservation work we do around the world. Initiatives like Adopt an Animal provide them with accessible ways in which they can play active roles in conservation and be inspired to care for wildlife. We believe that bringing the community with us on our mission to protect wildlife will bring big wins for wildlife. We have started with the animals in Singapore Zoo and there are plans to expand the list with our animals from Jurong Bird Park, River Safari and Night Safari.”

In the lead up to today’s official launch, the Adopt an Animal programme was shared with WRS’ members and subscriber database in June 2020. Since then, the initiative has received nearly 200 individual sponsorships.

Adopt An Animal Programme Singapore – Making A Difference To Wildlife

Funds collected from the symbolic adoptions will go towards an overall resource pool that contributes to the care of animals including providing nutritious meals to ensure their overall well-being, supporting the purchase of medical equipment to give them uncompromised healthcare, and the general upkeep of animal habitats. Beyond caring for adopted animals, contributions will also support research and education programmes across WRS’ parks as well as conservation projects to protect threatened species in Singapore and the region.

The programme adds to WRS’ wide range of support and volunteer schemes such as micro and corporate sponsorships, as well as giving personal time as a Conservation Ambassador, docent or Wildlife Buddy. To make an adoption, please visit the WRS website here

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