Fiji Food Galore – Must Try Local Dishes When You Visit Fiji

Fiji has a reputation as one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the South Pacific nations, with a population that consists of ethnic Fijians, Indians, Europeans, Chinese, and many others of mixed ancestry. It’s hence not a surprise that Fiji’s food is also a smorgasbord of flavours, with a good mix of traditional local fare and international cuisines. It’s always an adventure for any traveller visiting Fiji, and a treat for their tastebuds to try out Fiji food galore!

1. Fiji Food Galore – Lovo

One of Fiji’s most special experiences, a lovo is a banquet cooked using an underground earth oven. It’s typically reserved for special occasions in Fiji villages and is an integral part of their local culinary arts. A lovo is traditionally done by digging a pit in the ground, with hot stones places inside. Ingredients such as meat, and palusami – a local concoction of taro leaves garnished with onions – are wrapped in banana leaves and left to cook, resulting in a tender and delicious feast for everyone.

2. Fiji Food Galore – Kokoda

Fiji’s take on a classic ceviche is simple yet utterly flavourful! Made with freshly-caught raw fish marinated in lemon and lime juice, this tangy dish includes a tropical sweet element – coconut – a surprising addition that adds some sweetness through coconut flesh bits and coconut milk. Delicious kokoda to sweeten your Fiji experience.

3. Fiji Food Galore – Lolo Buns / Coconut Bread

One other delicacy that incorporates one of Fiji’s most popular fruit, coconut, are lolo buns. Freshly baked and steamed with rich coconut milk, these lolo buns are a Fijian delight. They are incredibly soft, pillow-like, and simply delicious even pulled from the oven – a perfect snack and meal made to enjoy at any time of day.

4. Fiji Food Galore – Nama

Known as “nama” in Fijian, these sea grapes are abundantly found in shallow waters near the reefs in regions such as the Yasawa Islands, where they thrive in the warmth and sheltered from the strong tides. Nama is usually found in the local markets, and as an appetizer for guests in resorts all across Fiji. It’s used as an ingredient in Fiji salads, adding a fresh and crisp bite to the dish.

5. Fiji Food Galore – Purini

Another dish that utilizes the fresh coconuts found abundantly in Fiji is purini, a steamed coconut pudding made with bananas, and rich coconut cream. A staple in many households, purini can be served with custard or butter, alongside a steaming cup of hot black coffee to balance its sweetness.

6. Fiji Food Galore – Fiji Rum

Fiji is also well-known for their own rum, produced by the Rum Co. of Fiji. Brewed with sugar cane grown from Fiji’s rich volcanic soils, the rum is a unique blend of fruity, smoky, and also fiery – making it an interesting welcome drink for Fiji’s travelers. There are also several brands and variations of rum available across the island, so be adventurous and try this special drink when you have the chance!

7. Fiji Food Galore – Fiji Chocolate

One of the items that have put Fiji on the global world map is chocolate – produced with cacao beans homegrown by local farmers to create flavorful bars of chocolate. It’s a delicacy enjoyed by both locals and tourists, and also comes with a rich history behind it. Fiji was not traditionally known for chocolate-making but had an abundance of discarded cocoa trees plantations that were planted during their colonial period, which were later revitalized to begin chocolate-making, to create the now world-famous sweet treat.

8. Fiji Food Galore – Try your own hand at local cuisine!

After introducing foods that you can try in Fiji, why not take it one step further to cook your own local Fijian meal? Flavours of Fiji is a cooking class offered to travellers, inviting them to delve into traditional Fijian cuisine. Visit a local market to view the freshest produce, and create the delicious island favourites with our chefs who can share their tips and tricks to help you make the best local fare on your trip to Fiji! 

With so many food options to explore, Fiji is simply filled with an abundance of local and traditional fare that is perfect for travellers from all walks of life. Get your taste buds ready and your stomach prepped before you visit Fiji! If you’ve already been there once, and have missed out on any of these delicious fares, be sure to try them on your next visit!

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