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EZ-Link & Lions Befrienders Rally For Inclusive Society With Limited Edition Card

EZ-Link will release a limited edition card design in collaboration with Lions Befrienders, a social service agency that seeks to provide meaningful care and community engagement for seniors to age confidently. The card, which launches from 15 July 2022, will feature artwork designed by 72-year-old Mdm Ruhainah, who is one of the seniors and beneficiaries of Lions Befrienders. This initiative seeks to raise awareness of the lonely and socially isolated seniors in society and encourage Singaporeans to stay connected with them. In addition, EZ-Link will be making a donation of $10,000 to Lions Befrienders in support of their cause.

“At EZ-Link, our core belief is that ‘We Leave No One Behind’ and this includes ensuring that the seniors in our society are cared for. We are inspired by the meaningful work that Lions Befrienders do to empower and care for our seniors and want to help spread the message of building an inclusive society. Mdm Ruhainah’s artwork is a visual reminder for us all to stay connected to our seniors – grandparents, parents, and loved ones – and help them fight off loneliness and social isolation,” said Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EZ-Link.

The “Unlonely” Movement – Fighting off loneliness and social isolation

The card design is reflective of the “Unlonely” Movement spearheaded by Lions Befrienders which will officially launch in November this year. The movement aims to encourage social connectedness amongst all age groups whether through physical visits, sharing of meals, phone calls, gifts, and more. Actions like these can help push aside feelings of loneliness and help people feel valued and seen.

The “Unlonely” Movement finds its roots in recognising the cascading effects of loneliness on a person’s mental health. It understands that loneliness is often the trigger for other issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, sleep issues, stress, and can ultimately lead to a shortened lifespan.1 By emphasising the importance of mental and emotional health, Lions Befrienders hope that more attention will be paid towards caring for a person’s mental wellbeing, resulting in the normalisation of conversations around the topic.

“We are grateful that EZ-Link has partnered with Lions Befrienders to help raise funds and awareness of the lonely seniors amongst our midst. The support enables us to continue the important work we do to care and empower our beneficiaries. We hope the artwork by Mdm Ruhainah featured on the card will inspire everyone to make an effort to reach out and connect with our seniors and those who may be feeling socially disconnected,” said Karen Wee, Executive Director, Lions Befrienders.

EZ-Link will also raise awareness of the “Unlonely” Movement by featuring more information of the initiative on the ‘Discover’ page on the EZ-Link app, and direct users to the Lions Befrienders’ page should they wish to make a donation.

About Mdm Ruhainah – the artist behind the “Unlonely” EZ-Link card design

Mdm Ruhainah joined the Lions Befrienders Active Ageing Centre @ Ghim Moh in February 2012 to occupy her spare time. She actively participates in the programmes organised by Lions Befrienders as a way to make new friends and get to know her neighbours. During the pandemic, she continued to participate in virtual befriending as a way to stay connected with society.

“Taking part in these activities helps me stay active. It also helps to strengthen my memory and learning capacity, and improves both my mental and physical health,” said Mdm Ruhainah.

The limited edition card will retail at $10 (with $5 load value) from 15 July 2022 at the following SBS Transit Passenger Service Centres:

● Punggol

● Boon Keng

● Farrer Park

● Serangoon

● Sengkang

● Kovan

● Beauty World

The card is also available for sale on the EZ-Link Official Store on Shopee at $5 each (without load value) from 25 July 2022, and comes with an exclusive card sleeve packaging.

For the latest updates, please visit or follow EZ-Link’s Facebook, Instagram and Telegram. If you wish to find out more about how you can support Lions Befrienders, you may visit their website here.

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