Entrepreneur Guide – How To Be Your Own Boss In Singapore

Sick of working for big corporations, want to start your own business but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you are not alone. We are here to help with a comprehensive entrepreneur guide on how to be your own boss in Singapore.

This infographic from Singtel MyBusiness offers a detailed step by step guide from determining the appropriate business structure, followed by ACRA registration checklist, picking a corporate bank account and last but not least, avenues for obtaining additional funding to kickstart the entrepreneurship path.

So are you ready to be your own boss?

Starting a business in singapore - AspirantSG

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  1. Hi Wee,

    Super IG here 😉 I like being my own boss anywhere in the world. My GF visited Singapore on a visa run from Bali a few years ago. She loved it. I wish to visit one day too. Now I am my own boss in Kathmandu, Nepal, and am heading to India in about a week. Fun stuff 🙂

    There is no other way to live in my book. Sure you must persist, and believe in yourself, and embrace risk, but the end goal of calling your own shots is beyond worth it, right? Freedom reigns in my book and being your own boss can promote your freedom in a big way.

    Thanks Wee!



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