AXS m-Station: Secured & Convenient Payments On The Go!

I never liked having my monthly bill payments automated through GIRO payments. I had negative experience when some of these sly service providers have been caught trying to sneak in additional cost items in my bills. After careful scrutiny, I will need to search for the nearest AXS Kiosk and patiently join in the typical peak hour long queue just to clear off my dues. But this monthly ritual is soon going to be a thing of the past because AXS m-Station App is now on App Store & Google Play! Once downloaded, I simply need to do a quick one-time registration and input a security passcode to get started.


After keying my personal passcode, I gain access to the full suite of supported services. I don’t drive so I am definitely not touching the fines corner. Let’s explore the Pay Bills section together.


The option revealed an extensive selection of bills that can be paid on the app.


Given that this is a brand new payment platform, not all banks may be comfortable to jump on-board the bandwagon. But a quick scan through showed that most of our popular customer banks are on-board, it looks like mobile payment is going to be the next big thing in Singapore!


The payment interface is really clean and simple. But I have to admit that I chickened out a little on the credit card bill payment, I am after all still a virgin user.


Let’s go with the smaller ticket items first – my mobile bill.


It offers the same straightforward, idiot-proof payment interface. I love how the app is able to auto populate the payment amount immediately after I keyed in my Account Number. I also like the fact that I can get to put a description to each particular payment. This will allow quick informative reference at the bill reference section of the app.

Bill Hidden

Once I click ‘Confirmed’, the app prompted me the option of adding on more bills. Well, let’s not be too adventurous on the first attempt. So I exited the Payment Summary screen with a click on ‘Pay Now’!

Bill 2 Hidden

Once I click ‘Confirmed’, the app prompted me the option of adding on more bills. Well, let’s not be too adventurous on the first attempt. So I exited the Payment Summary screen with a click on ‘Pay Now’!


Woah, here’s the real deal. I am redirected to eNETS where I get to select my preferred bank for the mobile transaction!

eNETs Payment

We are now at the bank page now. Sorry other bank users, I am a true blue heartlander with POSB. It’s high bank security from this point, I will need to validate using my 6-digits IB Secure PIN.

DBS Payment - AspirantSG

The moment of truth, time to press the confirm button for the transaction to go through. The app allows users to enter their preferred email address to receive the eReceipt for reference.

DBS Payment Confirmation - AspirantSG

Once the transaction goes through, you can visit the ‘My Payments’ section anytime to make reference to your mobile transaction history. Should you face any issue with the application, you can always call the hotline or complete the feedback form for assistance.

AXS m-Station Payment Help

Last but not least, I got rewarded with a free Ya Kun Treat just by making my first transaction! Limited to only the 1st 50,000 customers so do act fast!


Overall, I am really impressed with AXS move to bring bill payments to a whole new level. With this app, users like me can simply pay our bills in the comfort of our own homes or on the move instead of searching for the nearest AXS Kiosk and wasting time queuing to pay the bills.

Visit Apple App Store or Google Play to download AXS m-Station and free up your time to do the things that really matters.

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