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How To Earn Some Money Being Student

Making money as a student seems like a futile quest: during the day you study and attend lectures, during the evenings you go out with your friends and during the night you sleep. You need to rest from all the studying, and you need to study to stay a student and secure a good future for yourself. To make sure you don’t go through your studies broke, try to combine activities. How? Let’s find out what professional essay writers from essayhub can do for you.

Think About What You Can Do With the Time You Have

The first thing you may be thinking is that you simply lack time to spend on doing anything that can bring you any cash. But saving time is important here, because, in reality, there is really not enough work to be done during your studies to cover 16 hours a day for a whole semester. Learning how to be smart with your time and not waste it is a very important skill to have.

Do What You Can Before the Semester Even Starts – Clear Some Schedule

Proper planning your activities and using the free time you have at the beginning of the semester will free up so much time for you later on during that same semester. You can read essay samples on education and other similar materials. This will keep you in the study mood, so you’ll take less time to get in the zone next time you open a book.

You can use just a single weekend to finish the reading for two whole courses. We are talking about reading research papers, rather than entire books here since books will necessarily take more time of your limited day. Doing this for one day a weekend for the first month of your semester will easily knock down the reading and report writing for the entire semester. Do this when you have no other things planned and save yourself tons and tons of time.

Multitasking in College

Another great way to make time to make money while in college or in a university is by multitasking. Let’s be frank here, multitasking cannot be done, but combining one passive and one mentally active action can be done very easily. If you have to, pay for custom research paper to be written for you. Don’t forget to rewrite portions of it, to make sure you can recall it in an oral exam. Listen to an audiobook while jogging, cleaning your apartment or commuting to the lecture building, and you’ll easily save some six to ten hours every week.

Now Make Some Money in College

Now that you have some time off, let’s get creative with it:

Work and Study jobs – Many universities will allow you to work on the premises in positions related to your field and make some money while doing so. Some Universities will also let you earn a deduction from your tuition fee that way. The jobs can be working in a library, so you also have all the books and time you need to study. You can also work at a reception desk or help digitize some old paper files in a local library or a hospital.

Local Jobs – The local community is full of students and employers who are aware that they have to bend their work hours to accommodate students’ schedules. Try to look for jobs that you can do on the weekends, such as run errands for the elderly or deliver pizzas during night shifts. Remember your audio-books? Now is the time to hit that play button.

Passive Income – If you have a talent, turn it into cash. It may not do much, but even $100 a week is still $5.000 a year. Write a small e-book (around 50 pages) or make an online course and sell it online. Write about what you are good at, and people are sure to buy.

Social Networks – If your talent can be presented through photos or videos, make sure you take some of those and post them on your social media or a YouTube channel. Focus on growing your audience and some two years later, you should see your first money come in.

Merissa Moore

Merissa Moore is in love with all things classic: classical music and Victorian novels are her pastimes. She travels frequently to European capitals. A writing consultation service is her dream, as she hopes to inspire others to learn to love books and writing.


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