Top 7 Languages Apps That Really Work

Our world is a global village. Keeping the current need for connectivity, one cannot help but be reminded of this universal truth daily. Connecting people from different regions of the world sometimes means that one has to be well-versed in non-native languages. Thanks to the internet, learning languages has become easier than ever. Language apps have proven to be an effective tool in the development of oral communication skills, grammar, and vocabulary acquisition of languages that are foreign to the user.

In the following passages, we are going to talk about seven top language apps that can help a novice improve his or her foreign language skills. The best part about these language apps is that most of them offer their services for free.

1. Memrise

There are multiple reasons because of which this app ranks at the top among other languages apps. For one, the team working at Memrise is qualified, efficient, and extremely communicative. For another, features like memes and gamification are not something offered by every other competitor language app. The app also allows users to compete with other users and earn points in particular courses.

2. LinguaLift

One word that describes LinguaLift is professionalism. Professional tutors are there to help any novice aspiring to learn a non-native language. Customized learning services are available, the courses at LinguaLift are broken into 10-15 minutes sections. By subscribing to this language app, users get access to all of their language services.

3. Duolingo

A language app with a user base of over 100 million users, Duolingo is one of the most trusted language apps, ever. The app is perhaps the best choice for any user who wants to learn a new language on his or her smartphone. Gamification is one of the most important features of this app that makes learning fun as well. This app ensures that you will never need a translation service provider in your life!

4. HelloTalk

Reasons which make this language app one of the best include a wide variety of languages that one can learn and a user-friendly interface. But what is even more amazing about Hello Talk is that it allows you to converse with native speakers of a language, much like in a WhatsApp chat manner. The app features an in-built correction tool as well.

5. Babbel

According to a research study conducted by Michigan State University, Babbel helped users improve their efficiency of foreign languages by as much as 59%. This language app has a lot to offer at a very reasonable price tag for its premium services. The number of people that trust Babbel is quite a big one, thanks to the user-friendly way in which it teaches foreign languages to absolute novices. What is even more promising is the wide variety of languages on offer.

6. TripLingo

This language app is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn new languages on the go. For example, if you are a businessman who has a meeting in Spain next month, you can rely on TripLingo to learn Spanish. It is pertinent to mention here that the premium version of this app offers more features than the free one.

7. MosaLingua

Flashcard learning is one of the key features of this language app. What is even more welcoming is the high-quality standards set by this service. Some of the key languages that one can learn using this language app include Spanish, French, Italian.

What are the key features that one has to test before putting faith in language apps? Some of these traits include reputation, user interface, diversity in languages on offer, customer support, and of course, pricing as far as the premium services are concerned. Only then can one hope to find a language app that really works. Remember, learning new languages means you will open up new avenues for yourself.

Author’s Bio

Merissa Moore has dedicated her life to finding ways in which people all across the world can learn non-native languages. Researching language apps is a passion that possessed Merissa Moore a long time ago, the work done by the author speaks for itself. In her leisure time, she likes going on vacations and seeing new places.

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