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Duckland Singapore – Introducing Irish Duck & Cuisine Farm To Fork Mode

TungLok Group surprises the local food scene yet again and this time its Irish duck and cuisine! Officially its first restaurant in Singapore for 2019, they are proud to launch Duckland Singapore. Located at United Square Shopping Mall, this restaurant boast of a ‘farm to fork’ concept that uses only fresh and premium quality ducks direct from Ireland. You get to savour signature dishes such as Roast Duck, Duck Confit & Waffle, Duck Broth, Duck Fried Rice. Duck Pie, Spaghetti Duck Bolognese as well as non-duck dishes using excellent Irish produce, such as Irish Lamb Stew, Bacon Cabbage & Colcannon, Irish Oysters, Babyback Ribs.


Duckland Singapore – The Story Behind The Ducks

In the Silver Hill Farm far away in Ireland more than 50 years ago, six top-quality ducks were developed into a unique and exclusive breed known as the Silver Hill Duck. The quality of the ducks is so succulent, so tender, so full of flavour, and so consistent in quality that it is often referred to as the mother of all ducks, or simply the Best Duck In The World. 

Today, this special breed of duck is served in 98% of London’s Chinese restaurants, thereby earning the name ‘London Duck’.  However, for the folks at Duckland, they prefer to honour its origin and call it the ‘Irish Duck’. 


Duckland Singapore – Why Is The Irish Duck Special?

The Irish Duck is a unique and cultivated hybrid of the Peking Duck and Aylesbury Duck that are specially bred for its density and porous skin. The way this duck is bred, hatched, raised, processed and placed on the dining table is very careful and tedious which makes it so special.

Firstly, the duck is raised in a compound with a sprawling 5km-radius farm size to prevent any outbreak of diseases. It is housed in a specially-built large housing, and within a temperature-controlled environment to replicate its natural habitat.  These allow consistency, careful DNA monitoring of the process from eggs to ducks, as well as the separation from other farms that have different standards of practice.

From young, the duck is put on a unique, wholesome diet of wheat, maize and soya – which helps to make the meat more aromatic.  The water that it drinks is direct from the farm’s spring well, which is clear, natural and pure. The duck rests in a modern barn with access to feed, drinking water and adequate space to roam around the barn at all times.


“When it comes to ducks, there is none better than those from Silver Hill Farm in Ireland.  Duck is generally considered healthier meat than other poultry.  It offers a wide range of nutritional value including healthy fats and protein.  In fact, majority of the fat in duck meat are healthier monounsaturated fat that can help to reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels. At Duckland, we use the duck fat to cook our dishes.  It makes the dishes more fragrant. Trying is believing,” says Mr Andrew Tjioe, President & CEO of TungLok Group and concept creator of Duckland. 


Duckland Singapore

Keen to taste these delicious Irish ducks? Check them out the next time you visit Novena.

Address: B1-09&64/65 United Square Shopping Mall Singapore 307591 | Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily | Facebook: @ducklandsg | Instagram: @ducklandsg  


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