2019 Li Chun – Your Perfect Time To Deposit Based On 12 Animal Signs

A day with snake long queues at ATMs islandwide before or during Chinese New Year celebrations? It is probably Li Chun again in Singapore.  A date on the Chinese calendar that signifies the beginning of spring, it is believed this is the auspicious date to deposit money into your bank account. It symbolises luck and abundance for the new lunar year. This year, Li Chun falls on 4 Feb 2019. It is not enough to just deposit money, you have to know the exact time slot to do so as well! Fret not, we are here to help you find the perfect time to deposit based on your animal signs for 2019 Li Chun. 

2019 Li Chun – History Behind Li Chun

Li Chun traditionally signals the start of spring in East Asian cultures. Chinese New Year is celebrated around this time. Farmers often celebrate the beginning of Li Chun with special village events, worship and offerings to the gods and ceremonies for a blissful and prosperous new year.

In the Republic of China, Li Chun has been Farmer’s Day since 1941. While in Singapore, there is a practice of depositing money into bank accounts on Li Chun which many believe will bring us good fortune for the new year. 

2019 Li Chun – The Perfect Time Chart

To help you plan for the perfect Li Chun, check out the chart by the experts from WayFungshui:

We hope you find the table useful! May you huat in the new lunar year!

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  1. Not sure how to pick my animal. I was born on April 2nd 1977. Which animal do I pick?
    Appreciate your thoughts!!


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