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Dragonfly Singapore Take Flight To Ignite Orchard’s Cocktail Scene

The illustrious art-nouveau bar Dragonfly unveils its visually arresting concept and proudly announces its inclusion into Singapore’s buzzing cocktail scene this June. Located within the chic Vibe Hotel Singapore Orchard on Mount Elizabeth Road, this exclusive-like enclave promises to be an enigmatic hideout for after-hours revelry, epicurean escapades, and social occasions.

Dragonfly stands as the first outpost in Singapore by celebrated bar-design virtuoso Ashley Sutton and shares a kindred flair with Sutton’s outlandish concept in Hong Kong, which reveres the art nouveau movement of the late 1800s. Anchored by an iconic and mesmerising stained-glass dragonfly centrepiece, the bar is characterised by ornate patterns and natural motifs complemented by hundreds of exquisite hand-blown wing-patterned lamps that imbue the space with an ethereal teal hue, inspired by the 19th-century art mogul Louis Comfort Tiffany, scion and the first Art Director of esteemed Tiffany & Co.

While echoing the grandeur of its original Hong Kong location, Dragonfly Singapore distinguishes itself through its talented team and cocktail program. Leading at the helm is the accomplished Morgan Raelin Barron, whose bartending career took root in America. Having honed her craft at revered establishments like Allegory and BarMini, the sister bar to the two-Michelin-starred restaurant by José Andrés, Morgan mastered the molecular artistry of cocktails and undertook pivotal roles in managing bar programs for the Kimpton Hotel group. Further solidifying her reputation as a luminary in the industry, she assumed the mantle of brand ambassadorship for labels like Bols Genever and Camus Cognac, to name a few.

After making her mark in the US cocktail scene, Morgan set her sights on Singapore, working at award-winning bars like Jigger & Pony, 28 HongKong Street and helped shape the cocktail program at Brasserie Astoria by Björn Frantzén.

Morgan is supported by a team of meticulous bartenders who have injected their flair into developing a remarkable menu for Dragonfly’s opening: The Cause and Effect, which champions classic cocktails with a no-holds-barred approach and modernist flair.

As the name suggests, the menu draws inspiration from the cause-and-effect principle and explores how one event causes ripples that ricochet to create widespread effects. This is represented by the progression from classics to the bar’s newly created originals, with seven distinct sections that embody a spirit category with a classic cocktail serving as its cornerstone — denoted by the symbolic jigger emblem, encapsulating the identity and artistry of the bartenders behind each creation.

These classics serve as a familiar point for guests, while the subsequent drinks in each section branches out into modern and alluring flavour profiles. The second drink per section is designed to be light and refreshing with a lower alcohol by volume (ABV), while the third boasts bolder and more spirit-forward flavours. This thoughtful progression – a ripple effect – guides patrons from the known and loved to the innovative and surprising, ensuring a mix of cocktails tailored to suit diverse tastes. Techniques like clarification and preparation of low-ABV punches are widely used here, ensuring consistency, precision and accessibility in every sip.

Starting with the Aperitifs, Every Cloud is a riff on the classic Bamboo and is a clear and sweet tipple made with mustard sherry, bianco vermouth and honey. This refreshing cocktail, garnished with a morning glory leaf, offers a nose of lemon oils and beautifully balanced flavours. In the Vodka section, the Bite the Blossom is a crushable yet nuanced highball using Hanami-infused vodka and Oloroso sherry combined with bittersweet grapefruit and a hint of vegetal freshness from rhubarb. The spirit-forward High Mountain, also from the Vodka section, brings together Oolong vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Liquore Strega, fortified vermouth and honey, crowned with a delicate, dehydrated milk foam crisp. This tea-infused libation delivers a velvety, clean sweetness with an additional textural element for a full-bodied finish.

For gin enthusiasts, Veil of Fondness leans towards sweetness over savoury flavours, clarifying a mixture of genever, Cocchi Rosa, tomato, watermelon and lemon. The malty notes of genever, seen by some as the precursor to modern gin, provide a robust base, while the clarification process lends a captivating complexity to the profile. The Rose Stained, featuring gin, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Sakura Vermouth, Liquore Strega and a subtle touch of saline, is a lighter, more approachable take on the Dry Martini.

The Right Chance, from the Eau de Vie category, is a playful fusion of two timeless classics  the Right Hand and Chancellor —enhanced with beetroot for a deep, earthy flavour. Cognac, port, and cacao add a luscious, honeyed richness, balanced off by a tart raspberry meringue. Embodying the Whisk(e)y page is the Everything Gets Butter, a decadent Old Fashioned made with brown butter-washed bourbon, demerara sugar, and a medley of chocolate and Angostura bitters for a luxurious creaminess. For a nightcap, the Murphy’s Law from the Rum section is perfect. House-crafted dark rum swirls with sweet corn ice cream and is further accompanied by a pipette of made-in-house mala oil for a piquant depth of spice. The oil, infused with aromatics like ginger, chilli, and Szechuan peppercorn, imparts a delicate balance without overpowering this dessert cocktail.

“Singapore’s vibrant cocktail scene and deep appreciation for artistic design make it the perfect city for our brand’s first international expansion,” says Morgan Raelin Barron, Bar Manager of Dragonfly Singapore. “Singapore is a dynamic hub that stands at the forefront of Southeast Asia’s cocktail landscape. We’re thrilled to bring our vision to life in an inspiring environment, taking guests on an extraordinary journey. From the timeless classics that honour the roots of mixology to the unexpected creations that push the boundaries of taste and presentation, we aim to deliver a unique journey that resonates with locals and visitors alike.”

Dragonfly Singapore extends its allure beyond mixology, offering a space for a curated roster of live music and DJ nights. Here, guests can expect performances that resonate with the venue’s sophisticated yet laid-back ambience. From jazz to the soulful rhythms of blues, Dragonfly promises to captivate cocktail enthusiasts and music aficionados with a distinctive escapade line-up.

For enquiries, please call 8088 6525 or email [email protected]. For more information, visit or follow them on Instagram for updates.

Dragonfly Singapore Take Flight To Ignite Orchard’s Cocktail Scene

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