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5 ON 25 Mooncakes 2024: Halal-certified To Elevate Festivities

This Mid-Autumn festival, Cantonese restaurant 5 ON 25 at Andaz Singapore unveils four halal-certified handcrafted baked mooncakes to elevate vibrant festivities and reunions. In addition to returning signature flavours – 5 ON 25 Signature Tea and Silver Lotus++, two exciting new flavours join this year’s selection –Truffle-damia Twist and Red Date Jubilee. Consciously created with a low-sugar recipe and presented in a beautiful ruby box designed by local mural arts studio, Mural Lingo, these mooncakes provide a healthier indulgence, and are a treat for both eyes and palate.

For those seeking the perfect gift, this year’s collection includes the new Signature Tea Mooncakes and 5 ON 25 Golden Phoenix Tea Set. With only 1,000 sets available, it is the exclusive choice this festive season.


Discover a vibrant mooncake box cover featuring the city’s skyline and iconic elements of the hotel’s design. From the latticework of hexagonal windows to the teepee huts at Mr. Stork and the delicate florals gracing the walls of 5 ON 25, every detail comes to life in an artwork by Mural Lingo. Picture-perfect scenes of family and friends indulging in mooncakes beneath a radiant full moon complete the picturesque setting, perfectly complementing the skyline visible from our guestrooms and dining venues.


Andaz Singapore introduces two new exciting flavours to their mooncake line-up – the Truffle-damia Twist and Red Date Jubilee. Truffle lovers will delight in the indulgent mooncake, featuring white lotus paste and premium white truffle-infused olive oil, offering a modern twist on a traditional favourite. Enhanced with the crunchiness of premium macadamia nuts, each bite is a delightful balance of textures and flavours. For those seeking a taste of local tradition, the Red Date Jubilee mooncake is a familiar lotus paste pastry enriched with longan meat and red dates. The pastry captures the beloved flavours of Cheng Tengdessert, delivering a harmonious blend of sweetness and richness that evokes fond memories and a comforting sense of heritage with every bite.

Experience the refined elegance of the popular 5 ON 25 Signature Tea mooncake as it returns this year. Crafted exclusively by Chinese Head Chef Lim Hong Lih, this sophisticated treat features a smooth and creamy white lotus paste infused with the delicate floral essence of Osmanthus, the rich and toasty undertones of Oolong tea, and the deep, earthy flavour of Pu’er tea. Each bite reveals a blend of these distinct tea profiles, making it a must-have for any tea enthusiast during the Mid-Autumn festival. Embrace tradition with the Silver Lotus++mooncake, a timeless delight for those with a penchant for classic flavours. Encased in a golden baked crust, this mooncake pays homage to heritage with white lotus paste paired with double yolks.


In addition to the mooncake sets, the hotel will offer special add-ons to enhance any Mid-Autumn celebration. Choose from the 5 ON 25 Golden Phoenix Tea Tin or indulge in AllofMe Red Wine and Rosé Wine. 

Tea enthusiasts can add a 50-gramme tin of 5 ON 25’s Golden Phoenix Tea to their orders for a perfect Oolong tea pairing with the mooncakes. Harvested from Phoenix Mountain in Chaozhou, these tea leaves undergo a meticulous process of shaping, charcoal firing, and baking in wicker baskets, resulting in a fragrant brew reminiscent of magnolia flowers.

Toast to festive gatherings with the exclusive AllofMe Red Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose Honey) and AllofMe Rosé Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon). Bottled exclusively for Andaz Singapore, these wines hail from the picturesque Yunnan province in China, supporting Tibetan women who demonstrate exceptional dedication to their families through farm work.


Four sets are available for sale online and at retail booths this year:

  • Box of Four Assorted Mooncakes: SGD 90;
  • Box of Four Silver Lotus++ Mooncakes: SGD 95;
  • Box of Four Signature Tea Mooncakes; SGD 90;
  • Box of Two Signature Tea Mooncakes and a tin of Golden Phoenix Tea: SGD 90

Get a 35% early bird discount on all mooncake orders until 31st July 2024. Following that, enjoy a 25% discount until 17th September 2024. Delivery is complimentary for orders of 50 boxes and above to one location. For enquiries, including corporate bulk orders and customisations, email [email protected].

Orders can be placed online via the Andaz Shop at, and on Shopee (from 17 July 2024). Purchases can also be made at the following retail booths:

  • Andaz Singapore, Level 25 from 22nd July 2024;
  • Takashimaya Square from 15th August 2024;
  • Duo Tower, Basement Three from 19th August 2024.

5 ON 25 Mooncakes 2024: Halal-certified To Elevate Festivities

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