Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido – Escape & Embrace Beautiful Japanese Summer

If you love Club Med vacations, you will be thrilled to know that the leader of Premium All-Inclusive (PAI) holidays has officially opened its newest mountain resort in Japan, Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido late last year! With idyllic views from the spectacular Tomamu mountain, the 145-hectare resort in Hokkaido provides a thrilling escape for you and your loved ones to embrace the beautiful Japanese summer. 


“Club Med aims to provide its guests with an amazing holiday experience. With Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido, we have outdone ourselves again by expanding our all-inclusive, hassle-free holiday experience beyond the boundaries of a Club Med resort. Guests can experience all that Hokkaido has to offer on the best-selected excursions during their stay in our resort. We are working towards having Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido be a dream destination for everyone, all year round,” commented Xavier Desaulles, CEO of Club Med East and South Asia and Pacific. 

Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido – A New Summer Escape In The Mountains

Surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges and charming farmlands, you can look forward to an array of exclusive “Must-try Experiences” unique to Hokkaido in the summer. Located at the heart of Hokkaido Island, Club Med Tomamu is the perfect haven for you and your loved ones to experience all Hokkaido has to offer.


Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido – Uncover the Wonders of Tomamu

The excursions offered are carefully handpicked to showcase the best of Hokkaido during the summer. You and your loved ones can explore the vibrant colours of the flower-filled hills of Tomamu, or be enchanted by the impressive views of Biei as you stroll along the panoramic flower beds. Alternatively, head down to the famed Farm Tomita at Furano, where soothing lavender scents greet you at the entrance of the flower plantation that stretches beyond the horizon.As the eventful day draws to a close, the alluring Blue Pond is the best place for you and your loved ones to unwind and rejuvenate. The pond’s minerals create a picturesque enigmatic azure hue, which will be the perfect venue to snap a memento as the colours are well contrasted by the dense green forest surrounding the pond.


Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido – Indulge in an Authentic Hokkaido Culinary Experience

You can enjoy a wide range of delectable International and Japanese dishes including the freshest catch of the day at the resort’s main buffet restaurant, Itara. With four distinct spaces, each section of the restaurant brings you and your loved ones on a uniquely immersive experience.


An unforgettable Yakiniku dining experience awaits at the Specialty Restaurant, Haku. Premium Hokkaido and Wagyu beef is served and grilled tableside, providing a culinary experience for all senses. Join in for a guided tasting of a range of premium whiskies such as the award-winning Nikka and Suntory’s single malt Yamazaki, as well as local sakes that will leave taste buds tingling for more.


At Club Med, you and your loved ones can also enjoy the fresh and crisp mountain air as you barbeque fresh meats and seafood in a convivial outdoor atmosphere. End the evening with Hokkaido’s well-known soft serve that will have you coming back for more.

Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido – Summer Adventures

A whole new world of vibrancy awaits you at Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido. At sunrise, experience the mesmerising natural phenomenon of clouds rising over the mountains at the Unkai Terrace* also known as the “Sea of Clouds”. Club Med’s established Circus Academy will make you feel young again as you experience what it is like to be an acrobat at the top of the mountain. Under the guidance of our trained G.Os, you and your loved ones will master the art of juggling, percussion and dance, and even get to swing from a trapeze.

The Mountain Academy welcomes all to explore the astonishing mountains of Hokkaido. Folks seeking an exciting outdoor adventure can go on a mountain biking or hiking expedition through the picturesque mountains with our experienced G.Os. For those looking to just enjoy the scenery, there are relaxing nature walks to picnic spots where you and your loved ones can immerse themselves in a quiet, intimate time against a stunning mountainous backdrop.

After a long day of activities, Mina Mina Beach*, Japan’s largest indoor wave pool is the perfect place to unwind. You and your loved ones can also rejuvenate their souls in the outdoor Japanese public bath, Kirin-no Yu.


Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido – Endless Fun For Your Little Ones

Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido ensures fun for the whole family. Little ones can enjoy a host of activities specially tailored for them, managed by internationally recruited and trained G.Os. Kids aged two to three years old can join Petit Club Med, where they can dive into creative and enriching activities such as puppet shows, arts and crafts and face painting. The Mini Club Med promises kids aged four to ten years old an adventure-packed holiday with exciting sports and activities like dance and group games lined up for them.


Additionally, Club Med Passworld caters to teenagers aged between eleven to seventeen years old. Creating an environment for them to freely express their creativity, Club Med Passworld offers activities like graffiti art and singing. After a fun-packed day, the restless youth can wind down with a film or dance the night away. For an unforgettable summer getaway, please visit  Tomamu Hokkaido.

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