Carlsberg Pays $20,000 For Probably the Best Job In The World

Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Job In The World is back in Singapore by popular demand with applicants vying for the coveted job that pays a jaw- dropping salary of S$20,000 for just four hours of work. Drinking beer that is. Carlsberg’s Probably The Best Job In The World campaign was launched in Singapore last year and won by social media manager Daniel Osgodby who took home $10,000 after “putting in” four very happy hours enjoying ice-cold pints of Carlsberg beer!


Probably The Best Job In The World

Carlsberg believes in Sempers Arden (Latin for always burning) spirit: to always do better at whatever they do, including the production and taste of their products using the finest natural ingredients.

While the exhilarating job of a beer taster remains the same this year, the successful applicant will earn $20,000, which is double the salary offered last year – simply to enjoy ‘Probably the best beer in the world’. Carlsberg is running this job application for the best candidate that exemplifies this spirit and demonstrates the passion for the Carlsberg brand to bag this unique job opportunity.


Wait…Are You Sure You Are Eligible?

Before you register your interest, take a hard look at these really stringent requirements:

1. You must be 18 years old and above. Duh!

2. Zero experience

3. 100% Carlsberg passion

4. Able to work 4 hours

5. Does not possess own transport (Don’t drink and drive! Drivers will be provided)

Get The Job!

There are only 3 questions in the job application form on the website (besides filling in personal particulars):

1. I’m probably the best job applicant because…

2. When I have a Carlsberg in hand, I become…

3. The song title that best describes how I feel when I drink Carlsberg is…

The good folks at Carlsberg shared that they enjoy wit and humour, so just go ahead and unleash your creativity!

If you feel you are the best candidate for the job, submit your application at Online registration (free, of course) opens on 21 November 2016 (Monday) and closes on 4 December 2016 (Sunday).

Should you be selected, you will be notified to attend a simple job interview on the afternoon of 15 December 2016.

Have fun and may the best man win!


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