The 5 Best Travel Stops Throughout New Zealand

New Zealand is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit, with natural wonders unlike anywhere else in the world. With more sheep than people, this beautiful island nation is the place to go for anyone who loves nature and wants to immerse themselves in breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable views. If you’re thinking of going to New Zealand but are overwhelmed by all the options of where to go, keep reading for some highlights that you absolutely cannot miss!

1. Fiordland National Park

This World Heritage Site showcases some of the most beautiful views in the entire world. With waterfalls, lakes, rainforests, and mountains, this park truly has something for everyone. If you are an avid hiker, then you need to visit this park to experience some of the most amazing hiking trails in the country. If you are more attracted to the water, then you could try sea kayaking here as well to see the sights in a completely different way.

2. Lake Taupo and Tongariro National Park

Yet another World Heritage Site, Tongariro National Park holds great significance for the Maori people while simultaneously introducing visitors to an area of fascinating volcanic activity. As one of the oldest national parks in the entire world, the history and culture of Tongariro need to be experienced to be believed. The magnificent turquoise lakes are simply gorgeous!

3. Rotorua

If you would like to spice things up a bit and see something hot (literally!), then definitely make plans to visit Rotorua. This park is situated right on the infamous Pacific Ring of Fire, making it a place filled with geothermal activity. Much like Yellowstone National Park in the United States of America, Rotorua features geysers, mud pots, and thermal springs. If you consider yourself a true daredevil, then you can even participate in some extreme sports in this park such as skydiving, mountain biking, and luging.

4. Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers

If you can’t take the heat, then consider stopping somewhere a bit cooler like Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers. These glaciers are among the most accessible in the entire world. Unlike many glaciers, a portion of these rivers of ice is near sea level allowing even an inexperienced climber to walk and explore them with ease. To get a different perspective, you could try a seaplane or helicopter ride as well.

5. Abel Tasman National Park

This park lies along the coast of Tasman Bay, offering access to sparkling blue water. An abundance of sea life can be found in this park including, but not limited to, dolphins, penguins, spot fur seals, and many different species of birds.

If you are up for a real challenge, then you must take on the Abel Tasman Coast Track which is a 51-kilometre trail that snakes all around the bay. If arduous hiking and camping is not your cup of tea, then taking a day trip to sea kayak around the bay is another great option to explore this beautiful area.

New Zealand truly has something for everyone, from beautiful beaches to magnificent mountains and incredible volcanoes to breathtaking glaciers. A trip around New Zealand will expose you to nearly every natural formation the world has to offer.

Hopefully, this article has peaked your interest in some of the incredible parks and destinations has to offer, but if you need more information to jumpstart your planning, then websites like Cultured Kiwi can provide some extra tips and tricks to help make your trip to New Zealand the best it could possibly be.

No matter if you are able to go to every destination listed above or if you are only able to choose just one, you are sure to see something that will take your breath away and appreciate the natural beauty that this world has to offer. What are you waiting for? Start planning today, New Zealand awaits!

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