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Benefits Of Turkish Passport: Is It Strong in 2022?

Turkey is a rapidly developing country with access to the sea and a relatively comfortable climate. Since 2018, Turkey has been providing foreigners with the opportunity to obtain citizenship of the country through investment. In connection with this event, many people became interested in the current standard of living in the country, the prospects for the economy, and Turkish passport power. 

Benefits of passport of Turkey in 2022

  1. A Turkish citizen gets access to free education and health care, health insurance, and the right to vote. 
  2. Foreigners who have received a Turkish passport can safely have dual citizenship as this does not violate the law. 
  3. Turks need to renew their passports every 10 years. 
  4. Usually, the process of obtaining a passport takes only 3 months. 
  5. At the moment, Turkish citizens can enjoy a visa-free regime in 72 countries.

Turkish passport power abroad

At the moment, among all countries in the world, the passport of Turkey ranks 38th. Citizens of this state can travel to 72 countries without the need for an immediate visa. Moreover, 46 other countries provide the opportunity for Turks to obtain a visa upon arrival 

Many experts note that a separate advantage of Turkish citizenship is that this country is an EU candidate. Accordingly, after obtaining the status of a member of the European Union, the opportunities to travel to Europe will expand. However, an expert in the investment immigration industry, Svetlana Gorchakova (Immigrant Invest company), notes that Turkey received candidate status back in 1999. That is, more than 23 years have passed, and there are no clear signs that the state will become a full member in the near future.

Types of Turkish passports

There are 4 types of passports depending on the status of the applicant: 

  • A special green passport is given to members of former ministers and government officials, mayors of provinces and districts (during the performance of duties), and members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Their children under 25 also get a special passport from Turkey. 
  • A black diplomatic passport is issued to diplomats from embassies and consulates, former presidents, members of the Constitutional, Supreme Administrative and Supreme Courts, former governors, members of the Accounts Chamber, and members of parliament. 
  • A grey service passport indicates that its owner is travelling abroad on behalf of government agencies on official duties. It is also received by journalists (with a yellow press card) and academics who travel abroad to participate in symposiums and scientific and cultural events during their term of office. 
  • Regular red passport is issued to all other Turkish citizens.

The Population Directorate is in charge of accepting applications for passports. Pre-registration via the online system is required.

Way to get Turkish citizenship for foreigners

One of the best ways to access all Turkish passport advantages for foreigners is to take part in a special program. It provides for the granting of citizenship in exchange for investment in real estate. The minimum investment amount is $400,000. At the same time, the purchased property cannot be sold for three years

The Turkish passport power makes Turkish citizenship attractive to foreign investors. The prospect of joining the EU remains, despite the rather slow progress of Turkey along this path. The country has comfortable conditions for living and doing business, and this trend is likely to continue in the near future. 

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