Auckland Harbour Bridge Lit Up For New Zealand Waitangi Day

Auckland Harbour Bridge saw itself lit up for New Zealand’s national day, Waitangi Day.  New Zealand‘s Waitangi Day celebrates the signing of the founding document, The Treaty of Waitangi on 6 February 1840. The Auckland Harbour Bridge will put on an audio-visual display of stunning Māori imagery and sounds throughout the weekend to mark this occasion. The Waitangi Vector Lights kicked off on 2 February 2018 from 9pm, and then every 30 minutes until midnight. Vector Lights will run this right through to Waitangi Day on 6 February 2018. 

Vector and Auckland Council have collaborated with Ngati Manuhiri, an Auckland iwi (tribe), to bring to life their unique korero (story) that connects their people to Tamaki Makaurau Auckland and the celebration of New Zealand’s national day. Each year a different Auckland tribe (of which there are 19) will work with the group to tell their own story. The spectacular show uses ground-breaking renewable energy technology – stored through 630 solar panels – to light the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Vector, the company who installed the lights, CEO Simon Mackenzie says Vector Lights reflects Auckland’s position as a future-thinking city – “Vector Lights will be an evolving showcase of new energy solutions that help illustrate what a more sustainable energy future can look like. Vector Lights not only showcases what is possible from an energy perspective, it will contribute to Auckland’s allure as a destination and a modern, future-focused community.”

Each of the 90,000 LEDs added to the bridge can be individually programmed, allowing for an almost infinite array of designs and effects. The eight-lane, 58-year-old motorway bridge will be used to further enhance and celebrate Auckland’s major events and becoming an attraction for local residents and visitors. The lights were first unveiled on 27 January 2018 as part of Auckland Anniversary weekend.

The lights are a permanent addition to the Auckland Harbour Bridge and will be lit up alongside events and other special occasions in the city. Make sure you pay a visit the next time you visit the city!

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