A Day In The Life Of A Beach Boy @ Surfers Paradise!

After a sleepless flight and an entire afternoon of shopping at Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre, I crashed early for Day 1 of my Gold Coast, Australia holiday. Best thing about waking up next to a beach is that you can start the day with a relaxing morning jog on its pristine sands!


You will be surprised that quite a large number of people are already up to soak up the early morning sun!

Running on the beach was a peaceful and beautiful experience plus they are supposedly able to help you burn 30% more calories! I have learn to keep my path within the wet, firm sand area because its so much easier compared to the soft dry sand! But you do have to keep an eye on those playful waves. They will splash all over you with absolutely no prior warning! There are tons of these soft, squishy blue jelly fishes stranded on the shore. Poor creatures, they will probably just dry up under the sun and disintegrate.


I managed to cover around 4km before calling it a day.


The western breakfast around the area can be pretty pricey. Surfers Sandbar just below Chateau Beachside Resort actually offers quite a steal with an ‘All You Can Eat’ $14.50 breakfast buffet.


Trust me, decent restaurant breakkie can’t get cheaper than this.


Besides shopping and chilling out over coffee at the scarce retail and dining options available at Surfers Paradise, moments were spent strolling along the beach and camwhoring with some of the touristy structures.


That’s me against Q1, the tallest building in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.  Opened in November 2005, the name is literally the shortform for Queensland Number One. Its observation deck at level 77 & 78 offers viewers a bird’s eye view of the entire Surfers Paradise Beach as well as a spectacular 360 degrees view of Brisbane (North), Gold Coast Hinterland (West), Byron Bay (South) and the Pacific Ocean (East).


The beach took on a totally different look when night falls.


Calling all Treasure hunters, bargain spotters and after-dinner walkers! Get ready for Surfers Paradise Beachfront Night Markets happening on The Foreshore, Surfers Paradise every Wednesday and Friday from 5pm to 10pm!


With over 100 market stalls & occasional live entertainments, this is one of the largest Gold Coast Night Markets.


It feature a variety of premium handmade or homegrown products, including fashion, jewellery, accessories, artworks, photographs, beauty products and home wares.


Beer bottle clocks! There’s also an amazing number of stalls that sells scented candles.


Of course besides the buzz of the night bazaar, an evening stroll along the beach can be a pretty romantic experience. Just remember not to have any alcohol on you, it’s illegal to drink on the streets or beach in Aussieland.


Just in case you can’t figure out how how to get home…


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  1. Mika Douglas

    Loved it. You have a knack for telling a compelling story. I would visit this place. Thanks

  2. I guess I’ll be planning my next vacation there! What beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!


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