7 Ways To Get Cheap T-shirt Printing In Singapore

T-Shirt printing in Singapore has been popular since a long time ago. From running marketing campaigns to creating a team identity, printed t-shirts played an important role in our daily lives. If you grew up in Singapore, you will probably first encounter customised printed t-shirts when you were in primary school. Throughout your course of education, you are bound to have experienced in one way or another the production of customised t-shirts for either class or CCA t-shirts. It does not stop at school, you will probably also need to customise t-shirts for corporate events or staff uniform at work. We are here to share 7 ways how you can get cheap t-shirt printing in Singapore.

Cheap T-shirt Printing In Singapore – Customised apparels for CCA T-Shirts, Camp singlets & Corporate Uniform

The trend of T-shirt printing has been on the rise for the past couple of years. This is due to the increase in efficiency and affordability, together with the rise of social media, T-Shirt printing is now, a more than ever, a popular tool of team identity and marketing. Younger adults now have more fashionable class t-shirts to stand out amongst the other classes or CCA groups, and their creative minds keep pushing the possibility of T-Shirt printing. Corporate companies also wish to creative T-Shirts that stands out from the competition.

Have you ever gone to get 10 different quotations from 10 different companies only to realise there are huge variations in pricing? Or sometimes, what you thought could be a simple design turns out to be on the higher end of T-Shirts customization? We’ve been there, and that’s why MEOWPRINT T-Shirt Printing Singapore is here to share 7 ways to get cheap t-shirt Printing in Singapore for you to have a better understanding on how to save costs!

Cheap T-shirt Printing In Singapore – 7 Smart Methods

1. Cheap T-shirt Printing In Singapore – Print in Higher Quantity

Quantity is always the number 1 factor that carries the most weight when it comes to pricing. Why is this so? As set-up costs of printing are high, it is better to spread the cost over a larger quantity than a small quantity. If your set-up cost is $200 but it’s you are only planning to print 5 pieces, then, of course, the cost alone will set you back at $40. However, since set-up costs remain the same based on design, then a $200 cost spread over a larger quantity, say 100 pieces, will only set you at $2 per T-Shirt! What a huge difference!

2. Cheap T-shirt Printing In Singapore – Print Lesser Colours

It is a fact that any product packed with more features becomes more expensive. In the same way for T-Shirts, the more you customize your T-shirts, the more expensive it gets. In this case, if you are printing 2 colour logo instead of 1, that automatically increases the printing set-up costs by double! Do take this into consideration when designing your logos. Therefore, to make T-shirt printing less expensive is to print lesser colours per design. The fewer colours your design would have, less would be the price of your printing.

3. Cheap T-shirt Printing In Singapore – Print Only 1 location

Many consumers have the misconception that as long as their design is printed in white ink, for example, whether they print on the front, back and sleeves, it is considered a 1 colour print job. This is however, not the case at all. For instance, if you are printing 1 Logo in white on the front and another logo in white on the back, this is considered a 2-colour print job. Therefore, to get cheaper T-shirt printing, try to keep to one location only!

4. Cheap T-shirt Printing In Singapore – Use the Correct Printing Method

Print method is another factor that affects the prices when customizing your apparels. Although in point 2, we mentioned that more colours will lead to higher pricing, that may not be necessarily the case when it comes to Digital Heat Transfer Printing and Embroidery. Do check out the top 3 printing methods utilized by MEOWPRINT.

Screen printing: This is a very old and one of the most popular methods used when it comes to T-shirt printing. The results produced by screen printing are very reliable and long-lasting. Nowadays, this method of print requires lesser manpower and can be operated by a machine. It is a very efficient method of print as you are able to print bulk quantities quickly. It is best for the ones who want a simple and easy design that contains a few colours. However, silk screen printing is limited to solid colour printing only.

Heat Transfer: After screen printing, the next method used is the heat transfer printing. Heat transfer comes in various forms and the highly used one by the professional companies is the plastisol transfer that prints high-quality design and colours. It is a quick method of printing full-colour images onto the T-shirt. This may be the key to solving your design with many colours, however, it comes with a price. This method of print is not as durable as silk screen printing and will eventually be peeled off from the T-shirt.

Embroidery: This method of print, as you know it, involves the thread and sewing. It creates a slight 3d feature of your logo and adds class and professionalism, especially for corporate wear. It is highly recommended because if you are planning to print 20-50 pcs of corporate T-shirts with a 3-4 coloured company logo, it can turn out to be cheaper than silk screen printing.

Now, it depends on you to choose the best and cost-effective method for your T-shirt printing so that you can save your money as well as time. Don’t be shy to ask the T-Shirt printer for recommendations!

5. Cheap T-shirt Printing In Singapore – Choose Basics Over Premiums

Items matter a lot when it comes to pricing. To get Cheap t-shirt printing in Singapore, it very important to choose the basic ranges of apparels. Basic ranges are usually the plain T-Shirts and Polo T-Shirts with the basic fabric material. Basic cotton T-Shirts are usually 100% cotton at 160 gsm while the Dri-Fit T-Shirts are usually 100% Dri-fit eyelet material at 170gsm.

6. Cheap T-shirt Printing In Singapore – Use Ready-Stock Catalogue

Another important factor that helps in attaining less expensive printing is to use the ready-stock catalogue. MEOWPRINT carries one of the largest T-shirt printing catalogues in Singapore. You can save time by browsing here as most of the items in the market are available there. No more browsing 10 different websites looking for the same item. Ready-stock catalogue means lesser lead time and more cost-effective as these apparels are already made in bulk quantities ready for you to customize. Customized apparels allow you to create unique apparels, however, will take longer lead-time, and most of the time, higher pricing.

7. Cheap T-shirt Printing In Singapore – Choose normal lead-time delivery

When there is a demand, it does comes with a price. This is the same for rush orders where it can be charged additional 15-25% on top of the initial quotation. This is because your order will be put as priority, hence pushing other orders behind their schedule. Rush lead-time comes with a price, but if you are being economical, then we highly recommend giving yourself at least 10 working days to get your T-Shirts customized! 

These are 7 ways to get cheap T-shirt printing in Singapore. Not only these would help you save money when customizing your apparels, it would save you a lot of time from researching as well! If you need T-Shirt printing services, you can approach the leading T-Shirt Printer, MEOWPRINT, at their website here: meowprint.sg

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