6 Reasons Why Video Conferencing is Perfect for IT Startup

Productivity has always been the holy grail in many companies. Finding out how to motivate your employees to work their best, to do everything they can to deliver exceptional results, has always been one of the questions management teams the world over have grappled with and lost. Nowhere is this question more essential now than in a startup setting. High productivity can save your budding IT company from being shut down way too early. But how do you make it happen?

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Communication Tools

The Houston Chronicle says one way startup IT companies can improve on productivity is to invest in the right communication tools. This includes video solutions. And when it comes to video solutions, the best video conferencing system for IT from Blue Jeans  a leading expert in video technology—is a solid option.

Why Choose Video?

While email and chat offer plenty of opportunities for teams to communicate, there’s no substitute for face to face contact. However, it can be impractical, especially if your IT startup company is already setting up branches in different parts of the world. One way to stay in meet and stay in touch with remote staff is through video conferencing. This is because:

1. Body Language.

Forbes says your body language is 93 percent of what you communicate to other people. When you’re upset, excited or happy, your body language can easily reflect your emotions or moods. That can be a bit hard to catch when you and your employees communicate through email or chat. Likewise, it’s going to be hard for you to get a gauge on what a particular co-worker or teammate really feels about the project revisions or accelerated time table.

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With video conferencing though, you don’t have to rely on guesswork to see what your teammates or employees feel at the moment. Face to face contact through web conferencing technologies provide you with the best way to get a read on other people in your organization.

2. Collaboration-rich Features.

Plenty of video conferencing systems allow remote IT teams to work together seamlessly. Users can send and receive audio and visual content. Anyone in the team can take control of the screen to pinpoint an error, mention a clarification or add a new and revised line. And given the HD clarity of the screens that video conferencing solutions are packed with, it can make it seem like your team mates are just right there in the room beside you.

No need to worry that a blurred and lagging image might compromise the experience. HD resolutions provide you with all the clarity you need. So whether you’re reading through a page together or working on a revision, users can get a lot of tasks done together. With video conferencing, offsite and onsite teams can be collaboration-ready in no time.

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3. Cost Effective.

B2B Marketing says that one of the top benefits you get from using video conferencing is the cost savings. You save up on all the travel costs, along with all other expenses associated with that.

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4. Reduced Travel

With video conferencing, you and your team won’t have to commute to and from work every day. You can get to work in no time, rolling off the bed and getting to your desk in minutes. For employees raising kids, this can be an ideal situation.

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5. Save Time.

Getting to meetings is easier for everyone on your team because all they have to do is log in from wherever they are, whether they’re working from home or stranded in brutal traffic. That cuts down on delays as well as attendance issues like latenesses and absences. There’s also less waiting involved, as people don’t turn up one by one. You can simply log into the meeting when it’s time so you don’t waste any precious spare moment you have in the day.

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6. Eco-friendly.

Betanews says if you want to contribute to efforts in making the planet better, going for video conferencing is an excellent way to start. Since video conferencing reduces or eliminates the need for travel, it doesn’t just provide startup IT companies with massive savings, it also helps your company use technology for the better, to keep or limit the pollution in the atmosphere. It might not seem much to you but actions like that have a way of adding up.

So if you’re thinking of a way to improve productivity, to push your staff to be better, to constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve themselves, to help them grow, then investing in video conferencing technology is a smart and practical decision. You don’t just get nifty features, you get them at a low-cost rate as well. With so many benefits to using it, video conferencing systems offer startup IT companies great odds succeeding and making it to the top.

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