10 Cost Efficient Cloud Applications For SME Business Owners

New app packages have shifted the way we used IT services in past. A Cloud computing company delivers through SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. Software that once had to be installed now is offered online on a rental model and you need not to install programs on standalone PC for using them. These apps have features similar to the original software with state-of-the-art technology. From the large business enterprises to SME owners, there are numerous advantages of using these cloud based apps.

A Cloud application provides information access to company employees 24×7. Online updates ensure automatic sync feature for maintaining the same software version across all set of devices. This benefits employees across all verticals as they’re provided with equal growth opportunities. Given below are the ten applications from which everyone on this planet feels greatly blessed.

1. Google Business Apps

This includes cloud services such as GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive, Gmail and other included cloud applications. The files are synchronized with authorized users using their Gmail account.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a data back-up app providing online storage services with the use of cloud technology. This app is highly beneficial for people in search of storage space for maintaining online backups.

3. Skype

Skype is a cloud service launched by Microsoft. Skype allows users to make calls (either voice or video) to other Skype members for free. Service members have also the facility to call landline numbers for a small fee. It helps to save time and cost to a company by allowing everyone to get in touch and link up using videoconferencing technique for sharing information.

4. EverNote

This app takes up all your random notes, drawings on paper pads and organizes them online using digitization technology. It can even accurately recognize the phrases written within images.

5. Outright

This cloud finance app is highly useful for small business accounting firms. Outright provides all information related to company accounts and allows you to track data 24 x 7.

6. OfficeMobile

This app makes document creating and editing a much convenient option by allowing automatic Syncing in the cloud.

7. CardMunch

This free app turns the photo (scanned copy) of your business card into a LinkedIn connection by simply uploading it to the mentioned professional network.

8. Toggl

This time tracking app helps you to schedule your project tasks. It also makes billing an incredible experience by offering an easy to use GUI interface.

9. Moo

This app offers printing services for postcards and business cards using your own custom designs or images from social networking websites.

10. Soundcloud

This app enables users to upload their music files and play it online. People working in music industry can use it to upload a certain recording and then review the visitor’s feedback to initiate changes in it.

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  1. If I may suggest, For small business who are just starting. AppTivo and Zoho apps are very useful too. But nothing actually beats the usefulness of Google Apps for Business.


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