Fine Wine, Handicrafts & Antique Clocks On Mount Tamborine, Australia

If you are not a beach or theme park person, you will probably be done with Gold Coast after 2 days. Since I have booked a 7 days trip myself , I had to make plans to visit either a nearby city like Brisbane or head out to a 28 square kilometres plateau in the Scenic Rim, Gold Coast Hinterland, south-east Queensland, Australia!


Hitching a ride with fellow Aussie travellers at my hotel, I got to enjoy a rather scenic drive up the mountain. But take care of your brakes when you come down. The steep slopes aren’t forgiving and you may not be as lucky to have your brakes give way near Fox & Hounds

Parking was relatively easy along the sides of Gallery Walk just before Mount Tamborine Vineyard and Winery.


I could not resist taking a shot against the very first winery and vineyard in the Gold Coast Hinterland Wine Country. This Gallery Walk Cellar Door Outlet is a true blue Mount Tamborine’s original boutique winery.


The interior was a beautiful showcase of their extensive wine collection. You can simply head over to the bar for recommendations and indulge in a little wine tasting.


Their award winning wines that are sold exclusively here includes the famous Black Shiraz, Tehembrin Merlot, Daisy Chardonnay,Chocolate Port, Show Reserve Muscat and Ruby Port (previously called Bush Turkey Port, make sure you ask why if you happen to be visiting.) 


There’s a restaurant in their backyard as well. Quite a nice place to have weekend brunch, get a little tipsy and enjoy basking under the sun!


As we stroll along Long Road, we can’t help but get drawn to this quaint cottage that reads Bygone Days


The shop was filled with all kind of old fashioned pretty things from stationary products, decoration, pillowcases, candles, soap to jewellery.


You can definitely find nostalgic pieces to inspire, create and decorate handmade gifts, accessories and interior decorations in the romantic look of bygone days here.


German Cuckoo Clock Nest is another speciality shop that’s worth a venture.


Buyers often make their selection based on the type of sounds and animations that are created when the clock springs into action. Traditional clocks only makes the sound of the cuckoo as bird comes out of its nest to make the hourly call. Others might play music created by a drum music box, such as Edelweis and The Happy Wandered.


More complicated and intricate cuckoo clocks feature multiple animated scenes that might include people or animals dancing around or recreating typical village scenes. Depending on your personal preferences, one clock might appeal to you more than another.


Repairs and servicing of traditional clocks are also available!


Other small local handicrafts and products can also be found on the retail streets on Mount Tamborine.


Say hi to these colourful ladies!


Depending on the number of days you have in Gold Coast, you can spend between 1 to 2 days to explore Mount Tamborine. Given that we allocated only a day, we ended our morning shopping at Gallery Walk and head for the great outdoors!  If you are interested to visit the winery & restaurant, here are the full details:

Mount Tamborine Vineyard and Winery

Address: 128 Long Road “Gallery Walk” Eagle Heights 4271 Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia

Opening Hours: Cellar Door 10 – 4pm & Restaurant 9 – 4pm daily. Breakfast starts 8.30am on Sunday. Closed Christmas & Good Friday.

Phone: 00617 5545 3066

Fax: 00617 5545 3068


Email: [email protected]

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