Dim Sum Dollies Are Back For The History Of Singapore Part 2!

Since 2002, the Dim Sum Dollies® have been delighting the island in 3-inch heels, sequined dresses, feathered head gear and stunning the crowds with quick costume changes. Known for their bold humour, these 3 amazing ladies are back! I am thrilled to be invited for Dim Sum Dollies – History Of Singapore Part 2 and watch them show off their satirical chops and explore different issues, current and old that are close to Singaporeans’ hearts! 

Dim Sum Dollies In The History Of Singapore Part 2 - AspirantSG

Who’s In It?

How can you be a Singaporean if you don’t know the Dollies? If you really must know, they are our familiar Selena TanPam Oei and their newest Dolly, Denise Tan! Of course, there will also be their Chopstick Hossan Leong and the 6 sizzling Loh Mai Guys! Directed by Glen Goei, choreographed by George Chan with melodious tunes by Elaine Chan, the Dim Sum Dollies Show will charm you off your seats with its quick-witted sass and wickedly candid humour!

Dim Sum Dollies 2014 A-Go-Go - AspirantSG

What’s The Story?

Singapore is almost 50 and it’s time to take stock: Who did what, when, how and to whom? To answer these questions, our cheeky Dollies take a mischievous peek at our recent history, starting from when our Little Red Dot first gained its independence – its Singapore from 1965. But before that, these trio could not resist doing a quick recap of Part 1 in their gorgeous mermaid dresses.

Dim Sum Dollies Mermaids - AspirantSG

Goodbye pre-1965 B.C. years (‘Before Crying’)! The Dollies are doing a new song and dance about our A.D. years (‘After Drying’… the tears of separation, that is).

Dim Sum Dollies goes into regional politics - AspirantSG

Through their performance, the Dollies celebrate our people’s history – every Singaporean’s role in shaping the Singapore we know today. From the moment our errrmm ladies don their Singapore Girls uniform,


the birth of one of our national icon – The Merlion


and paid tribute to some of our familiar mascots.


To keep up with the LIGHTNING quick changes on our little island, the Dollies will make lightning quick costume changes, switching from icon to icon and completely redrawing the boundaries of comedy on the Esplanade stage!


Showcasing Singaporeans’ dramas on the topic of foreign talents, it is not hard to see that even at 50, Singapore is still an adolescent with a lot more ‘growing up’ to do!’


My favourite part of the performance was when these 3 hilarious dollies started talking in the unmistakeable accent of folks from China.


“It’s all delightfully, if dangerously, close to home and heart – dealing with issues that are incredibly recent – elections, detentions and all things wonderfully associated to Nation-building! Sounds risky? The Dim Sum Dollies® would not have it any other way – we love risky and… risque.” Selena Tan


Chope Your Seats Now!

To discover the uncorrupted but somewhat uncorroborated truth with the Dim Sum Dollies® in The History of Singapore Part 2, quickly chope your seats now!

Performance Period: 11 – 23 December 2014

– Tuesday – Friday: 8pm

– Saturday & Sunday: 3pm & 8pm

– Additional 8pm show on 22 December 2014 (Mon)

Venue: Esplanade Theatre

Show Duration: 2 hrs, including a 20-min intermission


– Preview (11 December 2014): $118, $108, $88, $68, $58, $48

– Standard shows: $138, $128, $98, $78, $68, $58

To chope your tickets now, please click here.

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