Bangkok’s Queen Of Curry Is Everything But The Curry

After numerous visits to Bangkok, I have finally decided to venture out of my comfort zone and settled down at Escape @ Sathorn Terrace, a cozy Bed & Breakfast booked on PandaBed. We headed out immediately after check in to one of Tor’s (B&B’s Owner) recommended restaurant just round the corner. Neatly tucked in a small drive lane, Queen Of Curry was only found after a bit of searching and asking around.


We were in some way attracted by its relaxed, sweet alfresco environment plus we were all famished from an early breakfast.


A quick flip through the menu revealed that the owner of the restaurant was actually a Curry Champion. No wonder the name!


Except for Hui Juan who opted for Lemon Soda, all of us decided to go for a coconut each.


Our fresh Coconut Water (55 Baht) was of quite a respectable size. It was a wonderful treat in the hot humid Thai weather.


While we were waiting for our food to be served, we can’t help but overheard the conversation at our next table. Our famous Curry Queen was physically present to assist a Caucasian (aka Farang) family on their orders. Hmm.. seem like special treatment of farangs over fellow Asians, never saw her at our table.


First to arrive on our table was Thod Man (90 Baht). These traditional Thai Fish Cakes were creatively seasoned with curry paste and blended with fresh beans before deep fried until golden brown. They tasted pretty amazing with the accompanying sauce.


The Pad Thai – Pork (100 Baht) was a delicious blend stir fried rice noodles with prawns, pork, chicken, bean sprouts, ground peanut and egg. My cousins were full of praise for the wet & slightly sticky noodles.


The Thai Green Curry With Fish (160 Baht) unfortunately did not live up to expectations. The fish cooked in green curry with baby aubergines leaves and sweet basil had a rather watery texture and odd flavour that none of us enjoyed. I suspected the odd flavour came from the bamboo shoots.


Kao Pad Queen Of Curry (140 Baht) was their signature egg & onion fried rice that contained a rojak of pork, chicken, beef, prawn and garnished with tomato & spring onions. Tomato seem to play more than just the role of a garnish, each grain of rice seem to be coated with a faint layer of fresh tomato sauce. But we are not complaining, we love the dish!


Our Green Salad (100 Baht) surprisingly came last, we ordered expecting it to be an appetiser. Nevertheless, the plain green vegetables salad with vinaigrette dressing was refreshingly fresh, crunchy and went down pretty well as our meal’s ending.


Our entire meal costed S$8.50 per person. We loved all the other dishes but was a little disappointed with the quality of the curry. The restaurant name ‘Queen Of Curry’ might have subconsciously raised our expectations on their curry. If you are keen check out the restaurant, here’s the full information:

Queen Of Curry

Address: 49 Soi 50, Charoen Krung Road, Sathorn, Central Bangkok (CBD), Bangkok, 10500

Operating Hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm Daily

Tel: 02 234 4321

Email: [email protected]

Facebook Fan Page: Queen Of Curry Restaurant

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  1. Malinda Crellin

    I love the new name – Anything but the curry!

  2. I so hope there were baby AUBERGINES in that dish, not baby aborigines.

    Great typo!

  3. Hi buddy,

    LOL on the farang thing 😉 Truth be told, I see it sometimes…..I think they feel we are lost in Thailand lol!! After spending a year in Thailand between Phuket and Chiang Mai, and making about 5 trips to BKK it does feel like home to me.

    Awesome review! We are vegetarian so no meat but always love a nice bowl of mixed vegetable curry. As for our favorite restaurants there is one lady who runs the best vegetarian restaurant I have ever been to in Phuket, about a 20 second motorbike ride from the Chalong Circle. You will get a plate piled 3 inches high and 7 inches wide – I am not kidding – of the best veggie fare, and it will run you about 90 – 120 Baht.

    We dig a similar but smaller restaurant in Chiang Mai. More of a stall but you have a sit down spot. As for BKK too many options to choose from; we sometimes go Western and grab a great veggie sub on Khaosan Road.

    Thanks for the awesome share. Cannot wait to get back to BKK, it has been 3 weeks and we miss it already 😉



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