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Petaling Street & Central Market, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Part 1

Despite reading that Petaling Street aka Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown is best explored in the evening, we decided to visit this famous pedestrian shopping street right after breakfast. With two large Chinese arches placed at either end of the street to welcome visitors, this place is hard to miss!


The early bird catches the worm! We got to catch the rare glimpse of the awaking street before it gets busy and flooded with tourist. Shopkeepers were busy setting up their stores, assistants weaving through with an entire rack of sport shoes on their back and ladies putting up their bags for sales. This is the true blue everyday scene for the locals.


Of course, there were also confused tourists trying to find their accommodations around the area.


Similar to Singapore’s Chinatown, Petaling Street showcased a stark contrast between old shophouses and modern high rise buildings in the background.


There was quite a queue at this soya bean stall. Guess Soya Bean Milk & Beancurds are popular breakfast items for the people of Kuala Lumpur too.


We caught sight of some Mian Jian Kueh 面煎馃 lying around on a make shift stall. They looked freshly made but the master was not around.


Just when we were about to move off, our Mian Jian Kueh Uncle returned! Although we only ordered one piece from him, he happily walked us through the entire production process. Once the kueh layer is near completion, he sprinkled a generous layer of peanut and sugar mixture all over it.


I am really impressed with his determination to retain the traditional use of charcoal and his Mian Jian Kueh was green in color from the inclusion of pandan leaves. It takes skills to fold up up the Mian Jian Kueh to prevent the surface from crumbling.


Chopping the kueh into small manageable pieces for sales. One for us please!


We loved the hot, crispy outer crust, strong pandan fragrance and generous serving of peanut, look out for his Mian Jian Kueh stall the next time you visit!


Did you know that an active wet market existed in Petaling Street?


This is where the locals get their daily vegetables, fruits and meat.


There was a strong stench of blood and internal organs. Not a pleasant experience for city dwellers who are used to the dry and clean grocery environment in supermarkets and pre-packed meat.


Chickens are also killed and de-feathered on the spot.


Heading out from the wet market, we caught sight of an old lady engaged in a little chit chat with the meat dumpling seller at her makeshift roadside stall.


There was quite a queue at this corner roast duck stall. The stall owner was furiously chopping up her roast ducks and packing them in tracing paper like material before wrapping the entire package up in newspapers.


We reckoned it must be pretty good to generate such a following. Despite our initial hygiene concerns, we decided to get ourselves half a duck. Our post makan verdict? After re-heating back in our service apartment, the duck proved to be pretty delectable with its flavourful and juicy morsels. There was a light hint of Chinese herbs on the duck golden brown skin. Were herbs used as an ingredient in their secret marinating sauce? Hmm..


We have pretty much rounded up the early weekend morning scene at Petaling Street. Part 2 will continue with more of our retail and street food experience and our quick tour through Central Market.

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