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Zhen Huan (后宫甄嬛传) Smart Life Principles For The Modern Folks

Although the palace setting of the popular Zhen Huan Biography aka Empresses In The Palace (后宫甄嬛传) seem quite a distance from our current times, the scenes within are very much a naked reflection of our modern society. Zhen Huan (后宫甄嬛传) Survival Tips For The Modern Workplace was merely the popular tip of the iceberg when it comes to uncovering the life wisdom from the ancient Chinese. Here’s sharing some of my personal favourite smart life principles that we should adopt and apply in our everyday life.

Zhen Huan

1. Step Up To Become Your Own Hero

Quote: 与其心生敬佩,不如自己便是那样的人。(嬛嬛)

Instead of envying or feeling jealous about someone for their achievements and status, time and effort should be put to better use. Do a quick Google search on your ‘idol’ to find out more about his or her story to success. Through the books they have written or Youtube videos that they have posted online, learn how you can emulate their winning behaviour, habits or attitude.

If you truly admire someone, you should strive to attain their level of achievement someday.  

Quote: 凡事就怕用心学。(黄桑)

Nick Vujicic has clearly showed everyone that nothing in this world is impossible. No matter how daunting a task or skill may be, stay focus and be prepared to pump in the hard work.

Success is yours only if you tried hard enough.

Zhen Huan Be Your Own Hero

2. You Can’t Please Everyone

Quote: 人情世故的事,既然无法周全所有人,就只能周全自己了。(嬛嬛)

It is never easy to manage decisions and make arrangements for a group of people. Despite your most careful and thoughtful planning, there will bound to be people who are negatively affected by your arrangement. Trying to please everyone and be the good person will probably wear you out with exhaustion.

We are not asking you to be a bitch but since it is close to impossible to please everyone, you should always try to satisfy your personal needs first before working out a reasonable arrangement for everyone else.

Zhen Huan - Thinking

Quote: 在任何时候,都不要为不值得的人费时间,费精力。(嬛嬛)

There will always be naysayers who deem you as a failure, criticise the work you do or haul abusive statements about your character. Before you get into a fit, take a step back and ask yourself these 3 important questions:

– Are these negative people an important part of my life?

– Will what they say or feel have an impact on my path to success?

– Are they worth me getting upset over their words or action?

If the answer is no to all 3 questions, these naysayers are absolutely insignificant characters in your life and you should not be bothered by what they say about you.

Cut off such negative people from your life as early as possible, you should be surrounded with positive and supportive friends.

Zhen Huan - Please Everyone

3. Live For Yourself Not For Others

Quote: 人是活给自己看的,不是他人的一句话就能左右自己,让自己活出潇洒自我。(嬛嬛)

Do you feel that you are doing the same run on the mill tasks everyday? Do you really enjoy the life you are leading or you are simply following what is expected of you?

Consider this – If you were to look back from your death bed, will you regret not doing the things that brings you joy and leading the kind of lifestyle that you have always dreamt about?

Of course, talk is cheap. I am trying hard to re-configure my own personal life for greater happiness.

Live for yourself and savour life with no regrets.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 11.56.00 PM

4. Choose Your Preferred Outlook To Life

a) Fill Me With Intense Passion 

Quote: 做衣如做人,一定要花团锦簇、轰轰烈烈才好。(华妃)

Why live life in moderation? Not to get me wrong, there is nothing dramatic about it.

It simply means to grab the opportunities you desire by the horn and consume every drop of passion life has to offer.

b) Rather Be A One Hit Wonder Than A Nobody For Life

Quote: 宁可枝头抱香死,不曾吹落北风中。(沈贵人)

We have seen our fair share of one hit wonders. You are happy just to enjoy the short term of fame and popularity than to suffer a life of prolong normal.

You better cherish it while it last.

c) Simple & Stable Does It For Me

Quote: 杏花虽美,可结出的果子极酸,杏仁更是苦涩,若做人做事皆是开头美好,而结局潦倒,又有何意义。(嬛嬛)

Consistency in life is preferred in this case. Start with a simple, safe and stable base and make it lasting till old age.

Zhen Huan - Best Shot In Life

5. Don’t Force It

Quote: 有些事,如果一开始就明知道不能善终,就不要痴心妄想,去勉强强求一个善果。(嬛嬛)

Despite all the noble talk about pursuing happiness at all cost, we should still practise rational thinking.

If it is crystal clear from the very beginning that what you are pursuing will not lead to a positive ending. We should not harbour the thought and go down the wrong path further.

It is time to cut back on our loss and recuperate for something better in future.

Zhen Hua Hua Fei

6. Make Up Your Mind & Stick To It

Quote: 所有的決定沒有對或錯,就只是在岔路選擇其中一種方向(嬛嬛)

There is no definite right or wrong path in life, we are merely making our selection from the available options.

Quote: 一旦踏上了, 沿途的風景是否美麗, 取決於你面對它的神情。(嬛嬛)

Once you have taken the first step, the experience of your life journey is highly dependent on your personal perspective.

If you are filled with regrets and dragging your feet through the snow, you may miss the beautiful cherry blossoms that hang above.

Quote: 持續昂首向前,才是唯一的方法 (嬛嬛)

You can always stop to reflect and look back on your life but it must be lived forward.

Zhen Huan - Make Up Your Mind & Stick To It

7. Wait For The Ultimatum 

Quote: 潰瘍爛到一定程度,才好動刀除去,爛得越深,挖得越乾淨。(嬛嬛)

If there ever comes a situation when you suspect something is amiss or you are not too happy with the way things are going between friends, family and relationship. Do not make the mistake of throwing small fusses over tiny matters. People will see you as a trouble-maker.

Note and consolidate your evidences quietly as they happen. When there is no obvious balance of power, the smug party will offer little concealment. Let the problem spread till all the involved personnels are exposed and trash things out once and for all.

By the time, things reaches this stage. You should have the clarity and courage to cut this infected part of your life away.

Zhen Huan - Wait For The Ultimatium 

8. Cherish Your Loved Ones

Quote: 活着的时候用不到,那死后的颜面,都是留给活人看的。(端妃)

It is a strange phenomenon why people tend to pay the least attention, care and concern to the loving folks around them. I used to have very little patient for my mom and brother. As I grew older, I make it a point to be extra patient with them and show my love and concern whenever possible.

Show your affection to your loved ones especially grandparents and parents when they are still around. Once they are gone, nothing you do after that can be felt by them. A lavish funeral is just to entertain the living.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 11.45.20 PM

9. Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

Quote: 再美再好的情事,也不过浮云一瞬间 (嬛嬛)

Good times do not last forever, enjoy them while you can.

Zhen Huan - Smell The Flowers

Quote: 人生難免不如意時,你懂得排遣就好。(皇后)

There are bound to be times when you feel everything is going the wrong way. There are many ways people deal with their issue. Some whine and wallow in self pity while others take actionable steps to get out of the situation.

As hard as it may sound, always look for the glimpse of hope even in the darkest moments. It may feel like waking up to a brand new day of shit but at least the shit is moving.

Zhen Huan - Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

10. Contentment Is The Key To Happiness

Quote: 不偏爱,懂节制,方得长久。(皇后

The economical rule of diminishing marginal utility apply. Try to take in the good stuff in moderation so that there will still be positive things to cheer you up every now and then when you hit a stump.

Quote: 人心贪婪,总是进了一步,还想再进一步,若是懂得适可而止,才能存长久之道啊。(惠贵人)

Humans are innately greedy. Once we have achieve our target, we cast our eyes on the next prize. This lust makes us feel incomplete and unsatisfied in life.

If we can for a moment stop, take stock of what we have already owned and feel contented for that particular period in time. We may actually find the peace and happiness enjoyed by the legendary Bhutanese temporary.

Making conscious efforts to feel temporarily content with life is the key to long term happiness.

Zhen Huan - Contentment

If you like a fan of the drama, you will probably like Zhen Huan (后宫甄嬛传) Survival Tips For The Modern Workplace where I touched on the rules of survival she learned along the way to becoming the Empress Dowager for the Qing Dynasty. Please share with us your personal favourite life principles in the comments section below. 

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