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Zén Singapore Elevates Lunch With 2-Hour, 7-Course Experience

Zén Singapore, a esteemed three-Michelin-starred gastronomic haven, unveils its latest culinary masterpiece, an exclusive 7-course Luncheon Experience. Rooted in Chef Bjorn Frantzén’s visionary approach to contemporary Scandinavian cuisine and hospitality, Zén Singapore continues to set the gold standard for fine dining in Singapore. This new offering promises to redefine midday indulgence with the sophistication and luxury for which the restaurant is renowned.

Zén Singapore’s 7-course Luncheon Experience is a showcase of culinary brilliance and efficiency.

Priced at $395++ for the shorter menu, with the option to enrich the journey with supplementary options, this experience is thoughtfully designed to be enjoyed within a two-hour timeframe. It ensures that even the busiest connoisseurs can savour Zén’s remarkable culinary adventure without compromising their schedules.

The menu showcases a range of dishes that capture the essence of Zén Singapore’s Michelin-starred legacy. Highlights include the Chawanmushi, a delicate creation served with Zén Singapore’s Reserve Caviar and 100-days aged pork. The Gindara is a masterpiece that combines the subtle nuances of spruce and ginger dashi, complemented by the vibrancy of coriander and the richness of Noir de Bigorre lardo. The Aged duck, paired with sea buckthorn, the luxurious foie gras, with stout jus, maitake mushroom, and a touch of Szechuan oil is a revelation of taste and artistry.

To further enhance the lunch experience, Zén Singapore offers guests the opportunity to select supplementary options. Among these offerings is the Juniper smoked lobster ($90++) served with the combination of green sansho, ume kosho, and galangal. Not to be missed is the French toast ($55++), a signature dish featuring double-marinated aged beef. These carefully curated supplements allow patrons to customise their dining journey and add an extra layer of indulgence to their midday experience at Zén Singapore.

For dessert, Zén Singapore presents a symphony of sweet and citrus dessert with the Yuzu marshmallow, served with buntan, coconut, and cardamom. The Chewy beet, artfully paired with Arctic raspberry, 100 years balsamic, violet, and Tie Kuan Yin, provides a memorable conclusion to this exceptional luncheon experience.

Complementing the 7-course Luncheon Experience, Zén Singapore offers signature alcoholic and non-alcoholic pairings, including the Beverage Pairing ($250++), Mixed Pairing ($210++), and the Non-alcoholic Pairing ($180++), for a complete dining experience.

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