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Usher In The Year Of The Rabbit With Yan CNY 2023 Feast

Yàn welcomes the Year of the Rabbit with a lavish spread of festive delights ranging from set menus, auspicious a la carte dishes, and festive treats for dine-in and takeaway. From 1 January to 5 February 2023, Yàn offers a resplendent ensemble of six dine-in set menus (from $128++ to $268++ per person) for intimate celebrations or corporate affairs in the restaurant.

Available for dine-in and takeaway via delivery and self-collection, Yàn’s signature Harvest Pen Cai abounds with premium symbolic ingredients to herald the new year. For convivial reunions at home, a delectable six-course menu featuring classic Cantonese fare is also available from now to 5 February 2023.

Bountiful feasts for a prosperous Lunar New Year

Toss to new heights with the Kaleidoscope of Prosperity Yu Sheng in ‘Shun De’ Style with Yellowtail Slices (from $92++). Available for dine-in only, the signature at Yàn presents a spectacular mountain of fried vermicelli, topped with shredded purple and yellow sweet potatoes, crispy shredded conpoy, and gold flakes. Surrounding the base is a ring of vibrant vegetables, pickled ginger, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, youtiao, as well as slices of fresh yellowtail fish. Served with the dish are cherry tomatoes carved into rabbits – an endearing nod to the zodiac.

A highlight at every reunion table, Yàn Harvest Pen Cai (from $325+) is a pot of goodness layered to the brim with 18 exquisite ingredients that are individually prepared, combined in a claypot and simmered in a flavourful braised duck sauce. Relish a variety of delicacies such as the 6-head whole abalone, sea cucumber, live prawns, whole conpoy, collagen-rich pork tendons, king grouper fillet, scallops, roast pork, soya chicken, and roast duck.

Ushering in auspicious abundance is the Steamed Soon Hock with Preserved Vegetables. Inspired by the classic Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, the luxurious Double- boiled Six-head Whole Abalone with Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Shredded Conpoy highlights the aroma of hua tiao wine with chicken broth and a myriad of premium delicacies such as fish maw and sea cucumber. A portion of hua tiao wine is served on the side, offering another layer of fragrance to the dish when diners add the condiment into the broth.

Rich in collagen, the Braised Free-range Chicken with Fish Maw in Superior Stock features a nourishing claypot of succulent chicken, fish maw, and Tientsin cabbage. Bunny-shaped radish slices adorn the inside of the pot, paying homage to the Year of the Rabbit. Savour noodle dishes that bear well-wishes of longevity such as the Stewed Ee-Fu Noodles with Live Prawns and Cheese. Enjoy timeless Cantonese barbeque delights. Yàn’s Signature Roast Whole Suckling Pig is perfect for convivial gatherings.

Roasted Duck with Spices and Truffle Oil boasts the well- loved flavours of Chinese grilled skewers – cumin seeds, five spice powder, and fennel seeds. Roasted with truffle oil, the duck is served with an aromatic condiment of truffle paste and truffle oil.

Savour a sweet finish to joyous reunions with Steamed Red Date Cake with Gold Flakes – a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. The Chilled Peach Gum with Mini Glutinous Rice Balls, Apple, Honey, Pineapple, Chia Seeds, Pear, Barley and Dried Raisins showcases sweet fermented rice paired with a medley of toppings. Togetherness is denoted by mini glutinous rice balls, while pineapple signifies wealth and good luck.

Festive Feasting at Home

Herald festivities home with the six-course Reunion at Home Family Set Menu ($98+ per person; minimum 4 persons) featuring communal dishes for delightful reunions.

  • Commence the meal with a lively toss of Salmon Yusheng.
  • Followed by an indulgent Braised Whole Six-head Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Seasonal Greens and luscious Steamed Cod Fillet with Preserved Vegetables in Light Soya Sauce.
  • Completing the hearty feast are Signature Soya Chicken and Stewed Ee-fu Noodles with Live Prawns.
  • For desserts, enjoy Chilled Mango Cream with Pomelo and Sago accompanied with Deep-Fried Red Bean Pancake.

Ideal for indulging at home or festive gifting, Yàn presents an array of goodies such as the quintessential Pineapple Tarts ($28.80+ for 450g), house-made Crispy Caramelised Walnuts ($28.80+ for 300g), and Prosperity Nian Gao ($22+ for 700g). Made in-house, enjoy the signature Yàn XO Spicy Sauce ($23.80+ for 200g).

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