Yamdrok-Tso – Tibetians’ Holy Lake

Today, the tour group will be leaving the comfort of Lhasa. We were briefed to leave the bulk of our luggages in the Lhasa hotel and bringing with us only the bare necessities to the city of Shigatse where we will be staying the night.

Such an arrangement was seriously quite a pain for the tour guides, tour participants were seen running on and off the bus as and when they realised that their other tours members have an item which they have forgotten to have packed into their ‘day pack’.

After all the commotion, we managed to set off 15 minutes late to a 110km drive to visit Yamdrok-Tso aka Yamdrok Lake / ????, one of the 3 holy lakes in Tibet. The road trip saw us cruising through the countryside with farms lining both sides of the road before turning into a long winding road into the mountains. The ride was bumpy but somewhat thrilling.

Tibetian Countryside
We drove up this winding road which went on and on and on….
Spot the white tour bus in the photo!

After travelling for over 3 hrs, we reached a prominent stopover point, the Kambala Pass at 5030m.

Piece of cake (Is it done already? I can’t even see the bottom from here)
Another proud development by Tibetianland
And we are on the road again….

Shortly after Kambala Pass, the lake finally appears. The sacred lake is over 72 km long and beautifully surrounded by many snow-capped mountains.

Finally! My butt sore from all that bumping around....

The view here beats Sentosa Cove anytime

Get a Yak at $0 COE and put a smile on your face today

Come on babe, smile for the camera

Down from the mountain, there’s about 30km road along the edge of the lake with barley fields on the other side of the road.  A relaxing walk by the lakeside with your significant other will be a romantic experience.

Getting up close and personal

Next Stop, Shigatse! But before that lunch at a restaurant just next to the lake. The crops grown beside the restaurant looks absolutely gorgeous. After a quick lunch, me and Angeline quickly sneak off for a cam whoring session.

Life might just be a bed of yellow flowers

More Cam Whoring

Ok.....final to close the entry 😛

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