Xin Cuisine Mooncakes 2019 – Singapore Sling Flavour In Creative Boxes

It has never been an easy task deciding to go for traditional or snowskin as well as the types of flavours. This year, the creative folks from Xin Cuisine are going all out with their mooncake packaging to offer you more choices beyond just mooncakes! Inspired by the glistening nightlife, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant, Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s award-winning restaurant, concocted two new Snowskin Mooncake this year especially for the palettes of millennials and food connoisseurs as well as a full suite of gorgeous mooncake boxes to house them!

Xin Cuisine Mooncakes 2019 – Refreshing New Flavours

Taking centre-stage is the White Lotus Seed Paste with Singapore Sling Praline Snowskin Mooncake. Taste the refreshing burst of flavour, sweet and fruity, in your mouth with every bite. Rich, yet gentle on the system so you can steal bites of it at work to keep the adrenaline going. Did someone say no alcohol during office hours?

After an evening of social networking, calm your simulated senses with Xin Cuisine’s therapeutic White Lotus Seed Paste with Rosemary Honey Praline Snowskin Mooncake. Rosemary is known for its health benefits; it helps to improve concentration, digestion, alleviate muscle pain, prevents brain ageing and even promotes hair growth.

Reap its benefits while savouring its distinctive aromatic flavour enhanced with the addition of honey, giving that lemon-mint pine scent a sweet lingering aftertaste. Best paired with White Peony Tea that’s light on the palette, a white tea selection ($18 per tin) that is available for purchase at Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant.

Xin Cuisine Mooncakes 2019 – Traditional Baked Mooncakes

Xin Cuisine’s traditional baked mooncakes are also perfect gift choices. Bestow your parents with the Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste (Single Yolk / Double Yolk)

or impress your Business Associate with the Xin’s Signature Mini Egg Custard with Yolk and Assorted Nuts Mooncake.

For the adventurous, consider our assortment of snowskin mooncakes, which includes Xin Cuisine’s regular favourites – Peranakan Durian,

Green Tea Paste with Baileys Irish Cream Praline,

Passion Fruit Paste with Plum

and Pandan Paste with Champagne Praline

Xin Cuisine Mooncakes 2019 – Choose Your Preferred Packaging 

In a spin to tradition this year, you can choose between their mystical MOON box or a series of exquisite CLASSIC boxes to suit your preferences for various occasions.

The harvesting of the moon in September evokes togetherness with loved ones near and far. It symbolizes reunion. Hence, the inspiration behind their long rectangular MOON box that is custom-made to make a perfect gift for your reunion functions. An evolution of the mood from crescent to half-moon to the full moon is observed and that’s how the Chinese characters on the box came about – 月在新故乡. It’s simple yet sophisticated, and also makes a great keepsake; recycle it as a storage box for watches or staples such as noodles (la mien). Maximise its functionality!

If you prefer exquisite floral details, opt from their series of CLASSIC boxes. Take your pick from different designs and colours from their Classic Square Boxes,

traditional Red & Gold Gift Box or

the more modern Tiffany Box sets. There’s a design for everyone!

An early bird discount of up to 35% off applies and it varies depending on your eventual box selection.

Xin Cuisine Mooncakes 2019 – Get Your Mooncakes today! 

Xin Cuisine’s mooncakes are available for pre-order via from 1 July 2019. The pricing is as follow:

You can get to enjoy the following special discounts if you order early.

It can also be bought from the hotel lobby from 12 August 2019 and 8 other locations island-wide.

Collection for pre-orders commences 12 August 2019 at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium’s hotel lobby. Customisation of box design is available with a minimum order of 50 boxes. Drop them an email at to find out more.

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