XiaoMi RedMi 2 – Is It Worth All The Hype & Effort?

Xiaomi, one of the latest contender in the smartphone market is making head waves with its outrageously successful ‘flash sales’ tactics where batches of 10,000 to 300,000 units get sold out on its digital sales channels within minutes. This young phone maker from China has formally launched XiaoMi RedMi 2 in Singapore but you will have to brave one of its infamous flash sales to get one. Is this new phone worth all the hype & effort you ask? Let’s check out what’s hot and what’s not.

What's Hot & What's Not Of XiaoMi RedMI 2 - AspirantSG

What’s HOT

1. Price

For what it’s worth (available from S$169), the phone doesn’t give you a cheap feeling. The plastic back cover isn’t a fingerprint magnet like most others and is smooth to the touch.

XiaoMi RedMi 2 Review Singapore - AspirantSG

2. Light & Handy

The phone is light and fits comfortably in your hands. It has smaller bezels and is less bulky compared to the 1st generation RedMi.

Light & Handy XiaoMi RedMi 2  - AspirantSG

3. Customisable Back Cover 

The back cover is removable! This is great news for novelty seekers because you can switch to a hundred and one different covers according to your preferences. You may also replace it if it gets damaged.

4. Decent Battery Life.

The battery should last you a full day on a single charge. However, if you’re as much of a phone addict as we are, an additional battery pack would come in handy for you!

5. Expandable Capacity 

The phone comes with an expandable memory – something that is phasing out on a lot of phones these days. Having a MicroSD expansion increases the phone’s capacity.

6. Reasonable Processing Power

Considering that the XiaoMi RedMi 2 is a budget device, many would doubt its processing capabilities. Indeed, its processing performance based on geekbench fetched an expected score that wouldn’t impress. Though the launching of apps is slow (i.e. 2-3 secs), its ability to multitask isn’t too bad. Game graphics don’t look great on the RedMi 2. BUT, at least it runs smooth.

The 1 GB RAM came with a lot of criticism initially especially against MIUI’s reputation for poor memory management. In the past, the RedMi would consume about 70% of the ram with just the operating system. This cannot be refuted. However, with the XiaoMi RedMi 2, there wasn’t much issues switching between apps and app crashes are rare. The company has done a good job improving its software with MIUI 6, promising a favourable turnout for the future generations of XiaoMi phone

XiaoMi RedMi 2 Screen Visuals - AspirantSG


1. Unfriendly Multitasking Interface

The Mi User Interface (MIUI) does not have the friendliest multitasking interfaces, having taken cues from Apple two years back with iOS6. If you’re using this primarily to call, text or do simple web browsing, the RedMi 2 should suffice. Otherwise, you might want to consider something else.

The MIUI is pleasant, simple and fluid. It comes with a lot of free customizable themes. However, many of the stock apps are old-looking. This may warrant users to replace them with third party applications.

If you’re an android purist, you’ll definitely miss the app drawer because the MIUI doesn’t have it. However, if you’re a fan of Apple’s iOS, XiaoMi’s interface will leave you right at home! (This is all up to the user’s preference.)

2. Very Modest Screen Imagery

The screen colour temperature leans slightly towards the warmer tones. At times, it may appear a little greenish and unsightly. The resolution is considered decent only because of its price.

3. Poorly Located Speakers

Its speakers are located at the back, compromising on the quality of the sound produced.

4. Low Quality Photos & Videos

The camera tends to overexpose the pictures taken and the video quality isn’t fantastic.

Additional Observations:

– The lock button is small, located on the same side as the volume rockers. It may be accidentally mistaken for the other but time would allow the user to get used to it!

– The capacitive buttons aren’t lighted up. It shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re in the dark (i.e. cinemas or at night).

– The screen isn’t as bright as the original RedMi, but gets far dimmer. The colors don’t seem as washed out and the display is easier on the eyes for bed time reading.

In all, this phone may have its perks and losses but it is definitely the perfect phone if you’re a parent and contemplating on getting your child his/her first phone! Its price alone is a compelling reason for you to get the phone.

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