Top 5 WordPress Latest Plugins To Apply On Your Website

Have you ever thought about the better performance WordPress sites and if you know how does the site perform in front of the visitors and then visitors stay on the own site for a long time or they leave the site within just two or three seconds. Basically, in the digital era, each and every business owner wants that this site gets the highest rank on Google and other search engines. If you are interested in necessary and Top WordPress Movie Templates are now for us.

Selection solid hosting provider for site

Basically hosting is the key of each and every successful site and then selection best hosting company can improve the performance of the site as well as SEO and sales. Hosting services is a better kind of internet hosting services and allow users to create their sites through the WWW. It also seems a daunting task obviously. You need always select the right hosting and few top hosting companies including lliquid web, siteground, in-motion hosting, Bluehost and Pagely.  People can select any one of them like hosting company.

WordPress DB backup

It always makes easy to back up of the WordPress site and highly recommended to have in plugin collections. This WordPress tool is one of the amazing tools and there are lots of functions we use to insert into our WordPress site.

Kontera content link

This will automate your Kontera links across the blog and will also make money and in your plugin settings. It is a great featured plugin so you need only to activate the plugins in the WordPress admin panel and then they are located in the plugins link to the right if are using WordPress 2.5.

Create a page plugin

Whatever you like scrolls down the page writing panel to the one way of SEO area and then adds keywords and descriptions to your page. As well the qualities of this plug-in it is the same as adding the keywords and descriptions to the Meta content into the head portions of the site template.

Commenting plugins

The plugin enables to show the most recent comments on the site in the sidebars and in view, a good way to promote interactions with the readers while also showing the blog is alive and kicking. It is one of the best plugins I have found and really effective for my website as well, now available Best Lawyer Website.

Subscribe to comments reloaded

It is a good plugin that enables people leaving comments to sign up for email notification of subsequent entries. Totally SEO friendly images and with another plugin for search engines optimization automatically updating all comments with it and will suit your site accurately. Bottom of the page will see a right page order area and if want to have a certain order to your pages in the categories menu then name the page you want on the top of the menu 1. Nice touch for the plugins likes to get a template that has a horizontal menu bar with the drop-down lists.

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