Windmills Craftworks – Library, Jazz Theatre, Restaurant Or Microbrewery?

Bangalore India is developing at an amazing pace, particularly the Whitefield region. Despite being a drive away from main city centre, the presence of International Tech Park Bangalore has made this quiet suburb the preferred home and hangout for many expatriates.


Located just next to the prestigious gated property Windmill Of Your Mind, Windmills Craftworks on 7th floor serves a discerning crowd.


On first look, one can hardly tell that this is a creative microbrewery with an integrated jazz theatre, restaurant and design library. In fact, this is the only one of its kind in India.


The presence of a sophisticated sound station was a big hint. The walls were all lined with shelves of books on design and architecture.


Customers with membership can borrow or just browse through while they are enjoying their drinks. These books also serve to acoustically insulate the space during jazz performances.


We saw the bar but where’s the Microbrewery?


With Bangalore’s cool climate, it’s a waste not to go al fresco and enjoy the vantage view of Whitefield area.


The menu was astonishingly high tech! Each of us were presented with an iPad and we were ‘forced’ to login to make our orders. What a smart way to get fans! My colleague jokingly asked the staff if we can bring the ‘menu’ home.


Ordering was really simple. The interface was user-friendly and we get to view the blown up visual of our selection supported with their description before making the decision. It’s pretty much just the novelty factor, there was hardly any saving of manpower. You still need a waiter to run around in case someone brings home the ‘menu’.


Within minutes, my Indian Pale Ale was served! Their version of a beer is decidedly the more robust American type and not it’s milder English cousin. Made for those seeking flavor, this beer is brewed with three different varieties and dry hopped with two and yet there is a solid backbone of pale, caramel and Munich malts.


With a beer in hand, we set forth to explore the rest of the lush al fresco area.


We finally spotted some metal tanks tucked discreetly in a corner. These are part of the 1,800 square feet microbrewery. The serving tanks have been designed to be close to the taps so the brew doesn’t sit long in the beer line.


Other than Indian Pale Ale, the microbrewery serves offers five other beers on tap namely Golden Ale, Hefewiezen, Amber Ale, Coconut Ale and Porter.


Once night fall, the place took on yet another look.

The al fresco area now offers a beautiful view of city lights.


We were joined by a friendly German who was on intern-ship with a German Automotive MNC in Bangalore. We had fun chatting about working, living in Bangalore and exchanging snippets of life in Singapore and Germany.

Windmills Craftworks is a Must Visit if you are ever at Whitefield, Bangalore! With success on its 7th floor, there are plans to introduce a South Indian restaurant, departmental store, bakery, art gallery, music school and recording studio on the other 6 levels. Here are the full details of the amazing 4 in 1 hangout place:

Windmills Craftworks

Address:#331, Road 5B, EPIP Zone,Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka 560084

Operating Hours: 12pm – 11.30pm Daily. Happy Hours are 12pm – 7pm Weekdays Only.

Tel: +91 80 2569 2012 or +91 72 5902 4652


Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Windmills Craftworks Fan Page

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