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If you were to ask me to choose between Chicken and Duck, I will go for Duck without hesitation. Duck meat is flavorful and a good source of protein, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, iron, zinc, vitamin B-6 and magnesium.

House of Roasted Duck, located at Sultan Plaza, 100 Jalan Sultan , #01-08 Singapore 199001. I was told that this second branch was recently opened in June 2016 as the first branch located at Bugis Village was getting more and more popular and could not cater to the growing demands from consumers.

House of Roasted Duck promises to bring to its customers the familiar taste of Hong Kong with its traditional and authentic Hong Kong Style roasted delights such as Signature Peking Duck, Peking Duck- 2 styles, Crispy Roasted Pork, Soy Sauce Chicken and a range of Hong Kong delicacies such as Congee and Noodles together with an assortment of Dim Sum and other side dishes.

Here’s 3 dishes that stood out for me:

Peking Duck – 2 Styles 


I have always been a Peking Duck fan, mostly because of its flavorful taste achieved from the perfectly thin duck slices wrapped in the hand-made flour crepe and dipped in their special dipping sauce. It brought back great memories of my first and only trip to Hong Kong in 2011, where I was introduced to many Cantonese restaurants serving succulent duck and even goose.  At a price of $52 for whole, one can order this dish and enjoy the best of both worlds with its mix of Peking Duck and Roasted Duck. This dish will definitely have you raving about it.

Four Heavenly Kings Platter


The name says it all. How wrong can we get with the Four Heavenly Kings? A combination of its 4 signature roasted delights – Crispy Roasted Duck, Soy Sauce Chicken, Barbecued Pork and Crispy Roasted Pork, I can satisfy my cravings for all these roasted delights in just one serving! I particularly like the roasted pork as it was incredibly crispy and the meat was so tender.

Shrimp Wanton Soup


My last favourite for the night is none other than the Shrimp Wanton Soup. Priced at $8.00, the Shrimp Wantons are amply stuffed with shrimp and bits of pork to give it that delectable crunch.  I love the soup as the taste is not too salty but full of flavour. This is a must-try if you are into authentic Hong Kong dishes.

One consideration while eating Peking duck is that you can choose to bring home the excess meat.

Want to try something different? Let me present you 5 fun and innovative ways of Eating Peking Duck.


 Boil your favourite Peking Duck with vegetables like cabbage, white carrots, radish, onions and sweet corn. Prep your bowls and you are on your way for a nicely brewed bowl of Peking Duck Vegetable Soup.


Prep your bowls with fresh mung bean sprouts, 1 inch length of chinese morning glory, and your noodle choice. If you are into a Soup based meal, you can add soup and gently heat it to a great blend.


On a ‘No-Carbs Diet’?  Why not try making your own Peking Duck Salad with all things vegetables. Add in spinach, eggs, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, peanuts, grapes and top it off with Olive oil as the dressing.  You won’t need to count your calories with this combination.


Feeling hungry? Why not make your own PEKING DUCK Sandwich. Simply buy a bun from Gardenia and insert raw cucumber slices to make every bite a refreshing and succulent one. Never thought of a Peking Duck Sandwich, right? That’s innovation to the max!


Heard of Deep Fried Fish Skin? Why not try frying the Peking Duck meat and enjoy the crisp and flavour you get from every bite. This should be treated like a snack; and perhaps couple it with an afternoon coffee or tea.  How wonderful can life be?

Alright! Above are just some crazy and creative suggestions for your consideration. If you are the conservative and traditional type, then perhaps, having Peking Duck, as it is, is the best choice for you.

Obviously, good food depends on the hands of great chefs as we might not be able to bring out the taste of the Peking duck to its potential. At the helm of House of Roasted Duck is Executive Chef Lau Wai Keung, a native Hong Konger with close to 40 years of local and overseas experience. Previously Barbecue Cook no.1 with The Excelsior Hotel & Convention Centre Hong Kong, Chef Lau is a roasted delights connoisseur who is set to wow the crowd at Bugis Village and Sultan Plaza with his signature dishes.

A prestigious restaurant by Gao Ji Food, House of Roasted Duck aims to bring out the hallmark values of Gao Ji Food, a popular local heritage brand with 62 years of experience in the F&B industry. It emphasises on qualities of speed, convenience, affordability and commitment to its food quality with sincere hospitality. It is no wonder that both its restaurants are often packed with customers and long queues.

Feeling hungry by now? Head down to any of the two branches and eat your heart out.

Bugis Village

Address: 233 Victoria Street, Bugis Village S188026

Nearest MRT Station: Bugis MRT Station (EW12 / DT14)

Tel: (65) 6339 6817

Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm


Sultan Plaza

Address: 100 Jalan Sultan, #01-08  Sultan Plaza S199001

Nearest MRT Station: Nicoll Highway Station (CC5)

Tel: (65) 6297 5490

Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm

Follow them at House of Roasted Duck Facebook Page

Website: www.gaojifood.com

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