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Here’s Why You Need A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

If you’re wondering about whether or not to have a photo booth at your wedding, you’re not alone. Are they overdone? Do people think they’re lame? If you invest in a professional photo booth set up, will it go unused? 

It only takes a quick look around the web to see that the overwhelming response is that people still love photo booths. Yes, even in the age of Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook, people light up when they see a photo booth at a special event and are actually disappointed when there isn’t one. People who attend a lot of weddings and even wedded couples will often note how the photo booth was one of the most popular attractions at their celebration.

Aside from being an extremely popular activity, there are many perks a wedding photo booth provides. So whether you’re looking for a photo booth rental Buffalo NY or wherever you’re at in the world, here are the many reasons why you need one at your wedding.

Gives You More Wedding Photos

Having a photo booth is like doubling up on your wedding photography, but at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional photographer. Photo booths provide you with an additional set of wedding photos that you can add to your album, post on social media, or hang around your home or office.

Not only will you get a record of all the images taken at your wedding, but, depending on the kind of photo package you choose, you may get personalized print strips, backgrounds, and more.

More Moments Captured 

A lot happens during a wedding and as a bride or groom you’ll probably be pulled in many different directions throughout the celebration. You don’t want to miss a single moment, but it’s impossible for you and your photographer to be everywhere at once.

Plus, people don’t always have their phones on them (especially if you’re having an unplugged wedding), so you can’t always rely on friends and family to capture all the fun times.

Enter the photo booth. Whether it’s a standard, enclosed photo booth or an open-air magic mirror booth, your wedding guests will flock to play with the props and strike poses. Having a photo booth at your wedding is like having a second photographer whose only job it is to capture the goofy moments. Even better is that you won’t have to wait forever to get these photos back from your photographer. You’ll have instant access to the photo booth images, which means you can start filling your social media feeds with fun pictures from your big day.

Makes a Unique Guest Book

If you’re looking for an alternative wedding guest book idea, a photo booth can end your search. By collecting guests’ sentiments and images taken from the photo booth, you can create a guest book that goes beyond the typical signature on a line.

Just have family and friends print their photos and place them in your book alongside whatever advice and loving sentiments they’d like to share. You can set up a table near your photo booth with a blank guest book, markers, glue and a sign with instructions that guide guests on what to do.

Additionally, you may be able to create a memory photo book that an on-site attendant puts together as a keepsake. A memory book might contain hand-drawn designs, printed photo strips, and meaningful messages from your guests.

Photos as Wedding Favors 

Let’s face it – most wedding favours get left behind or tossed in the trash. But renting a photo booth means investing in favours that guests will actually want to keep. People love taking photos of themselves and friends, and wedding guests will appreciate receiving a favour that also serves as a memento of the day.

Fun for All Ages 

Photo booths are the perfect entertainment for guests of all ages. Little kids to great grandmothers can enjoy getting creative with props and posing for pictures. And photo booths definitely have a way of bringing out people’s inner kid. Just take a look at a photo strip from a party and you’ll see how being in a photo booth loosens people up and helps break the ice. It’s a truly creative experience that every guest can have fun with.

Keeps People Engaged 

Another great reason to have a photo at your wedding is that it can provide extra entertainment. During downtimes, like throughout the cocktail hour, or when people need a break from dancing, they can hop into the booth and snap a few photos. Also, not everyone enjoys dancing, so having another form of entertainment for those guests is a nice gesture.

There are All Kinds of Booths

Photo booths have come a long way from the standard enclosed box that dispenses strips of grainy images. There are all kinds of photo booths available these days, including mirror booths, social photo booths, selfie print stations, open-air booths, and traditional photo booths.

Rental companies typically have add-ons you can purchase as well, like personalized backdrops, graphic templates, and prop boxes. You’re never at a loss for choice when it comes to photo booth rentals, which means you can find one that fits your wedding style.

A photo booth can add hours of fun to your big day, give you extra wedding photos for your album, and provide ongoing entertainment that also creates memories. So why not have a photo booth at your wedding?

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