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10 Trendy Wall Decal Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Here are creative ideas for decorating your walls with wall decals and stickers. You can use wall stickers to put life into your wall, with and without the help of other decorations.

Decorate Your Wall With Only Wall Decals

Ding here!

Give your home a lovely personality by placing creative wall decals somewhere with your ring bell. You can tell a funny story with two tiny graphical characters affected by the sound about to happen. Or welcome your guest with nice words.

Doors & Entrances Frames

It never gets old to give all doors & entrance frames a unique and identical style with wall stickers. You can apply various looks; Trees, architecture, classical, or mosaic frames will make the house looks symmetrical; Will give your home a personality; Especially with other proper decorations and furnishing style.

World Map

There are beautifully detailed maps out there. People would give a map the exact stare while thinking about something entirely different.

And yes, you can customize your map with wall decals. It doesn’t have to be a country’s name world map wall stickers ! It can be a map of all places you visited with your partner. Or places that you are already going and marking success on the map. It can be a map of your beloved ones’ locations or a map for a funny secret you share with your partner.

Home Movie Night

Give your TV area a cinematic character by adding cinematic wall stickers. Find suitable designs for relevant objects of curtains, classical film tapes, film shelves, your favourite characters, cinema screen, and many creative ideas.

Decorate Your Wall With Wall Decals & Decorations

Love yard!

Use lovely and romantic wall decals to give your rooms special characters on special days. Use your imagination and customize beautiful stickers; You can mix them with proper decorations like real gifts you got and love from your partner.

3D Wall Decals & Wall Engravings

The effect of corners is always an eye grabber. You must have heard about and seen designs of beautiful 3D wall stickers. Many would come as 3D paintings hung on a wall to look as realistic as possible. Imagine a wondering person finding one of them in a real engravement on the wall. Imagine a 3D guitar on a 3cm depth wall engravement. The mix between the engravements and 3D wall stickers is beautiful.

Use One Lamp or Many!

Lights will remain a lovely tool, and so lamps are. For example, Remember this ET poster with a bicycle flying to the moon? Imagine this decal with a lamp and a light that is real! One lamp in the correct position can always put life into your wall decals.

Decorate Coat Hangers

There are too many shapes and styles of coat hangers. Also, you can customize many creative wall stickers to make your hanger a beautiful place, like wall stickers of Hanging cloths, Drawn umbrellas, rains, and many ideas.

Decorate Your Wall With Helping Tools


Yes, you can always use wall decals as reminders; It works perfectly! Have the advantage of your beautiful decal, and let it remind you of something you always need. Something like: Your Keys! or Feed the Cat! or Close me!

Helping Cards

Use creative wall stickers from Happy Decal to help you with many things in your kitchen. It can tell you spices names, places of everything in your kitchen, calorie information of your favorite meals, weekly menu, etc.

Enjoy it!

Wall stickers and decals are modern and creative decorations. It is available everywhere, is easy to install, and gives a space of creativity that can make it unique enough for all users. You want to try it!

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