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Get Your Korean Drama Fix & Win A Dream Trip With Your Own Entourage!

Don’t you hate those aarrghh moments when you are left hanging high and dry over a dramatic cliffhanger where the main lead in a precarious or difficult dilemma, or confronted with a shocking revelation at the end of an episode? Those unnecessary pains are going to be a thing of the past because now everyone can enjoy Viu, a legal platform that allows you to watch Korean, Japanese & even Thai shows with subtitles for free! Plus you get to watch these shows on the same day that it gets released in the country of origin anywhere, anytime on our preferred devices (we love watching our Korean dramas on our iPad in bed)!


Damn, It’s So Freaking Addictive!

If watching shows is your favourite pastime, we are sure you are going to be super addicted to what Viu has to offer!

1. So Much To Watch & It’s All Free! 

From Korean dramas, variety shows to Japanese dramas and even now Thai dramas! Viu has such an extensive library of premium video content that it would you more than 8,000 hours of non-stop binge-watching to seriously catch up. Plus you also get the fastest release of popular shows with English and Chinese subtitles so you do not need to crack your head on what they are saying. If you are still undecided on what to watch, go the noob way and view the recommended shows based on genres! The best part is that everything is for FREE!

2. No More Bursting Your 4G Data Limit 

If you need to be on the move all the time, Viu’s download-to-streaming capability will be a lifesaver for your data plan. This amazing function allows you to download videos to your device for offline viewing anytime while you are on the go. Here’s what we do. Browse for your favourite shows and mass download while you are hooked onto your home’s broadband. Leave your device on to download your video files and by the time you leave your apartment, you would have at least a day’s worth of video to see you through! Download Viu Now!

3. Subtitles in English or Simplified Chinese

Still remembered when we first got hooked on Korean drama, we always have to wait a while before the version with the subtitles comes in. Viu has made that a thing of the past by allowing you the choice to watch your show with either English or Simplified Chinese subtitles. We seriously do not understand how they managed to complete the translation for same day telecast but hey we are not complaining.

Get Viu & Start Binge-Watch Now!

You can download the Viu app via App Store for iOS devices, Google Play Store for Android devices or access via web Register for free using your Facebook or email address to enjoy Free Viu features that give you the option of a free tier providing access to the content. Wow, we mentioned the word FREE so many times. Hope you get the message.


Get Additional Perks With Premium

If you’re the kind who cannot wait to catch the latest episodes and is always out on the go, you can also choose to go for Premium at a small fee of $5.98/mth (come on, what’s one cup of latte for a month of non-stop entertainment!) You can catch the latest shows e.g. Goblin by the same writer and director of Descendants of the Sun, starring Train to Busan male lead, just 4 hours after Korea’s telecast! And also enjoy unlimited downloads to your device to watch on the go.

Be Part Of #ViuStarEntourage Contest!

Always dream of being a star and having your own entourage? Viu is inviting you to live like a VIP and enjoy the star treatment of a lifetime with your own entourage!


Invite your own entourage of friends and family to join you on A trip to anywhere in the world worth S$8,000 just by binge-watching on Viu

Win these attractive prizes in 3 simple ways!

1. Log in to your Viu account or register a Viu account for FREE either on or Viu mobile app (download via App Store or Google Play)

2. Start binge-watching on Viu for FREE while being logged in! The more videos you watch during each qualifying period, the higher your chances of winning the prize of that week!

3. Wait for good news! (Ok, we are lame. Effectively, there are only 2 key steps)

There is absolutely no cost in taking part in the contest. The contest is open to all Viu users regardless Free or Viu Premium subscribers. New users can simply register an account for free, and binge-watch for free. To find out more, visit Have fun!

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