4 Helpful Facts To Know About Visiting North East Corfu

Greece is a beautiful country, with a rich history embedded in its buildings, culture, and mythology that is known all over the world. It is, therefore, one of the top destinations to visit in case you are looking to go on vacation, since it is also home to islands such as Corfu, Patmos, Icaria, and Rhodes. Corfu, particularly North East Corfu, is a beautiful, evergreen island with gorgeous landscapes and rich culture. If you are considering travelling to Greece then it is one of those islands that you need to check out. Below are a couple more facts about the place that will convince you to go there.

1. It is home to beautiful beaches

While on vacation, one area that a person should visit is a beach. Beaches are great vacation spots as they enable one to relax, have fun and unwind.  North East Corfu is home to myriads of beaches where you and your family can have fun in the sand and enjoy the spectacular views of the sea and the evergreen trees in Corfu. The bay stretching along the island presents one with the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time, for instance, while taking evening walks with a loved one. You may also hire a speedboat and enjoy great rides on the water or participate in photography. Given the great view of the island and the beautiful sunrises or sunsets, you are bound to have some great shots.

2. Contains amazing resort areas

North East Corfu is home to a couple of tourist resorts where people can get to go and experience the Greek culture. One such resort, for instance, can be found at Sidari Corfu, a very popular area on the island. This area contains so many hotels and restaurants so as to accommodate as many tourists as possible. The area can be rightfully stated to be the life of the island, as it does contain quite a number of entertainment spots where you can go and enjoy yourself in the evenings for instance. It is also home to the Sidari beach, which is, of course, an added advantage for those in the area.

3. It is great for hiking

One thing that stands out a lot about Corfu is the fact that it is always evergreen. The lush, fresh and green appearance about this North East gem makes it a superb area for hiking. If you are more of the outdoors, nature type, then you must not miss out on this great opportunity to do so in Corfu. Participating in this nature walk will grant you the chance to view the North East landscape in its glorious fullness, as well as tons of exacting birds and plants.

4. Great food and culture

The place also contains museums which are great structures to visit in case you are interested not only in Greek culture and history but also in the art as well. The cuisine in Corfu is awesome since they have restaurants known as tavernas which serve not only Greek food but dishes of various cuisines as well. This is designed to ensure that everyone’s dietary needs are met.

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