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Top 7 Best Things To Do When You Visit Nepal For Holiday

Nepal is a beautiful country. It commands some of the world’s tallest mountain peak to the deepest gorge on the planet and is also a country of rich cultural and traditional diversity. Likewise, the Nepali art and architecture is also one of the most unique on Earth. Because of this, Nepal has earned a reputation as being one of the best travel destinations. It has every holiday and vacation aspect for people of all ages, preference and experience. If you ever find yourself in Nepal, you will be presented with countless options for all sorts of adventures. As such, here are the top 7 best things to do in Nepal. 


Among the best things to do in Nepal, trekking is almost always the answer. After all, Nepal is known as “the land of the Himalayas” and therefore presents many amazing trekking destinations. The Himalayan peaks of Nepal shadow the valleys and offer trekkers unforgettable experiences. One of the most popular trekking adventures in Nepal is the Everest Base Camp Trek. Similarly, Nepal has many trekking destinations all over the country, each unique and interesting in their own ways. When it comes to trekking, Nepal is one of the best and top rated destinations in the world.

Cultural Tours

Nepal’s cultural riches is phenomenal. Despite its rapid modernization, Nepal still has its firm grasp on traditions and cultural tenor. In the same manner, Nepal has many cultural sites and historical places worth a visit. The ancient preserved monuments, temples and religious sites of Nepal provide an insight into the country’s opulent past. Sites like the three Durbar Squares of the three ancient cities of Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kathmandu, the Pashupatinath temple, the Bouddhanath Stupa, the Swayambhunath temple and the Changunarayan temple are all sites listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list situated within the Kathmandu Valley. As such, cultural tours are among the best things to do in Nepal. Furthermore, places like Lumbini also present an amazing exploration of the Buddhist culture.


Nepal is equally known for its amazing natural landscape as it is for its Himalayas. As such, the countryside of Nepal is also worth taking a trip to. Hiking in Nepal is a blend of natural surroundings and the distant views of the Himalayas with panoramic landscapes. Hiking is one of the best things to do in Nepal if you prefer staying away from arduous and long treks. Many popular hiking destinations in Nepal are situated close to the cities too. For example, Nagarkot, Chisapani and Daman are located near the Kathmandu city while Sarangkot is located near Pokhara. It is a great way to rejuvenate oneself and get away from the bustling city life as well.

Wildlife Adventures

Two of the ten national parks of Nepal are listed in the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites list. They are the Sagarmatha National Park, which is a popular highlight of the aforementioned EBC Trek, and the other being the Chitwan National Park. The protected areas of Nepal offer a dense concentration of wildlife experiences. From bird watching to getting about the thick woods atop an Elephant back, wildlife adventures in Nepal are a great splash of fun and adventure! It is one of the best things to do in Nepal if you want to get into the natural side of the country. The Chitwan National Park is especially famed for its jungle safaris where you can explore the animals of the jungles in their natural habitat in the company of the forest rangers.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting lies more on the adventurous things to do in Nepal. It has been gaining steady popularity in recent years, and is one of the most thrilling adventures to do. Nepal has many ever-flowing white rivers that originate from the mountains. The fast-paced ebbing and flowing rivers are perfect for rafting. It gets your adrenalin pumping and also allows you to appreciate the all natural setting of Nepal’s riversides. Popular rivers for white water rafting include the Sun Koshi, the Bhote Koshi and the Seti among many others.

Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing in Nepal is a more extreme form of trekking. Nepal has many climbable peaks that mountaineers conquer. Reaching the top of a summit is always a rewarding experience and a great accomplishment. It is one of the most fun and thrilling things to do in Nepal. The extreme factor of peak climbing comes from the fact that the terrains of the Himalayas are perilous. Sherpa guides accompany you and you have to use equipments like Ice axes, ropes and harnesses to reach the summit safely. But the reward upon reaching the top is definitely worth it!

Adventure Sports

Nepal has many options for adventure sports of all kinds. Adventure sports are among the more extravagant things to do in Nepal if you want extra fun. Due to the beautiful blend of nature and the sports destination, adventure sports are great for rejuvenation as well as an appreciation for Nepal’s natural treasures. Adventure sports like Bungee Jumping, Zip-flying, Paragliding, Canyoning and canoeing are among some f the best adventure sports that you can enjoy. You can also add these sports as you trek!    

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