Holidays In Singapore – Best Places To Visit For Children

Holidays can be a challenging period for parents because they have to keep their children occupied. You have several options, such as keep them busy with a pretend play or move to a holiday destination. Luckily, Singapore features several events for families. From the museum to special festivals, you have special things to do. If you are planning to spend your holidays in Singapore, here are some excellent options.

Jurassic World of Singapore

Dino fever is common among children, so Singapore has Universal Studios Jurassic World. You can visit Explore and Roar and take selfies with prop replicas and dinosaurs. A raptor training school is available for 5 – 12 years old people. An adventurous show completes with T-Rex repression breach and swooping Pteranodons.

Fun at Playground

The Singapore’s National Museum exhibition is a great source to view the old playgrounds of Singapore. You can be a part of the art installation at the rotunda of the museum with your toddlers. Old mosaics inspire the great inflatable playgrounds of a museum. Other special events include sensory Saturdays. In these events, kids and parents can bond together at different play stations. These stations feature water-beads, sand, paint, and water at a specific area of a banyan tree. If you are visiting between May and June, you can be a part of World Coloring Day Kids competition on 2nd June.

Submerge in Arts

An annual contemporary family-friendly art Imaginaries is situated at a short walk from the Singapore National Museum. This place is great for art lovers. You will get a chance to admire the beautiful art pieces of Singaporean and foreign artists. Make sure to check out schedules for daily firm screening and art workshops.

Theater Company ACT3i

This particular company presents ACT3i festival for kids. They dedicate their entire celebrations to toddlers and babies at an Asian Museum Civilizations. Other shows are Paperbelle from Frozen Charlotte of Scotland. In this show, the protagonist starts exploring the colourful word. You can enjoy a series of shows and dance performances, especially for children.

Goodman Arts in Mountbatten

You can’t miss a visit to “The Artground” at Goodman Arts in Mountbatten. This place is just like a hidden gem for children. It has its 100 inaugural and 100 festivals for young audiences. You can be a part of workshops and exhibitions with your toddlers.

Wander Inside World of Enid Blyton

If you want to introduce your children to Enid Blyton’s wonders, bring them to this place. The Magical Faraway Tree is recreated at the Supertree Grove. The special events in Asia comprise lands from the beautiful series: Land of Nursery Rhymes, Land of Toys, Land of Tea Parties, etc. At this place, your children can be a part of storytelling sessions, games, musical production and magic shows.

You can go camping with your children at the Philatelic Museum. Some special activities include craft activities, stamp puzzles, and adventure race. Make sure to bring your pyjamas, a jacket, toiletries, and sleeping bags.

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