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Top 5 Virtual Office Service Providers In Singapore

Virtual offices give small businesses and remote businesses a means to enjoy some of the features of a physical office without many of the disadvantages of actually renting a physical office space. Virtual offices can offer video conferencing, phone answering services, and even a physical mailing address for businesses that don’t operate in the same area or that operate almost completely online. The overhead costs for virtual offices are far lower than those of traditional office space. There are no rental costs, no staffing requirements, and the location doesn’t need to be cleaned and maintained.

Having a physical address for your business, even if you don’t operate out of it, helps your company’s ranking for search engine results. We are looking at a few of the very best virtual office service providers for Singapore. If your business operates out of Singapore but you don’t live there or you want to save money on office costs, you may want to consider a service like this.


One of the more popular virtual office options is Servcorp. They have offices, including virtual offices, all over the world- boasting more than 150 locations. Their Singapore endeavor is relatively new, but they offer a lot of features for those who want to try the virtual office service there.

They can provide a physical address for your company at an office you never even have to visit. Their physical address can be where you have your company mail sent to, and you can use the address on your company website. Their services start at $768 SGD a year.

Servcorp Offers more than just an office. They also provide a dedicated phone receptionist and phone number. Their interactive voicemail service is available 24 hours a day, and they can have their support teamwork with you at the location of the virtual office, should you need to visit. They can provide secretaries and IT support personnel as needed.

Many times, virtual office spaces will need to be functional for video conferencing or boardroom meetings, and their conference rooms are fully equipped to function like actual office spaces and meeting areas.


Regis is another major virtual office provider, with locations in numerous countries around the world. Their virtual office services start at $450 SGD a month and provide businesses with on-site teams, conference spaces, customer support, physical storage, fully furnished business spaces, and of course the basic virtual office options like a dedicated phone line, physical address, and secretarial services.

Regus has dozens of locations in Singapore, with hundreds of offices at each of them, so they should be able to find a virtual office space that suits your specific business needs. By choosing a major company like Regis, your company can get access to worldwide office options with your membership. This means you have the option to move around your office space, try your business in different countries, and take advantage of their global service without ever having to move your business physically.


With one of the most affordable suites of virtual office packages available, VOffice is an obvious choice for small businesses looking to save money. Their packages start at $57 SGD a year, which is far less expensive than most virtual office services.

VOffice provides a physical address and dedicated phone line for your business, even if you are not physically in Singapore. You can use the virtual office to receive mail, and you will be provided with customer support around the clock when you sign up for one of their membership programs. Their physical office spaces give businesses the option to hold meetings in Singapore when necessary, legitimizing their business operations and catering to the needs of a diverse client base.

The Executive Centre

If you sign up for membership with The Executive Centre, businesses can access not just office spaces and meeting rooms, but also event areas that can accommodate a variety of functions. Their workspaces and virtual offices vary in size to meet the needs of different kinds of businesses. Their global reach extends to 14 different markets, allowing businesses to enjoy flexibility as to where they hold meetings and conduct business.

Their virtual office spaces allow businesses to keep their operating costs low, only using the physical spaces when needed but enjoying the benefits of a dedicated address, phone line, and answering machine service. Their business telephone service even offers the option for bilingual support for your customers. They even provide access to legal document services so that your business can function from outside Singapore very effectively.


For $680 SGD a year, JustCo offers a virtual office service, including all the basic features. Their focus, however, is on coworking office spaces, where multiple businesses can work in the same space, using the office areas as needed. These are fully functional and equipped offices, which include high speed Internet, beverages, projectors, whiteboards, and more. They have offices throughout the Asian continent and surrounding areas to accommodate businesses looking to expand or reach a diverse client base.

Their virtual office package options are flexible to accommodate different types of businesses. Their virtual office services are supported by dedicated staff members who provide phone answering, secretarial services, and IT support for clients. JustCo is designed to grow with your business, offering a variety of options that keep virtual office services affordable and beneficial for Singapore clients.

Choosing the Best Virtual Office Provider

These are just a few of the many virtual office services available in Singapore, but they represent the very best of what the country has to offer for businesses looking to expand in that area. A virtual office company can help legitimize smaller businesses that don’t need office space every day.

Picking the right provider for your business means comparing rates and services to ensure that the company you are picking is affordable for your business and that it can provide what your business needs to reach its clients and grow.

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