Under-tourism European Destinations Added To Trafalgar 2020 Itineraries

Trafalgar, the global leader in guided holidays has launched its 2020 Europe & Britain itineraries featuring 118 trips across 49 countries, including eight new trips and six new destinations. In addition to all-time favourites like Italy, France and the UK, Trafalgar is excited to introduce trips to support up and coming destinations in Eastern Europe, such as Georgia, Armenia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro with the brand seeing growing interest in these regions, as travellers look to explore destinations further off the beaten path.

The 2 brand-new Regional Explorer trips that will visit “under-tourism” destinations in Eastern Europe are:

1. Under-tourism European Destinations – Georgia and Armenia Uncovered

This is a 10-day trip that will unveil the modern transformation of two former Soviet Union countries that many are yet to explore. Explore dramatic landscapes and the colourful history of the snow-capped Caucauses while journeying across the Eurasian crossroads of Georgia and Armenia and discover Europe’s best kept secret.

Ride the Wings of Tatev aerial tramway and admire the impressive mountain ranges as it delivers you to a 9th-century Apostolic monastery. At 5.7 km, it holds the record for world’s longest non-stop double track cable car. Discover how Trafalgar guests Make A Difference to the local community which makes a living from crafting traditional wool carpets when visiting Shinuhayr village in Armenia for a unique look into these two incredible countries.

2. Under-tourism European Destinations – Balkan Adventure

This is a 14-day trip visiting Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Explore ancient crossroads and delve into the revival of a region once scarred by conflict and communism, as what’s known as The Balkans reveal their rare beauty, warm culture and colourful history for all to enjoy.

Visit the iconic cities of the Balkans including Kotor, Budva, Bucharest, Braşov, Veliko Târnovo, Sofia, Skopje, Tirana, Mostar, Sarajevo and Belgrade. An iconic attraction in Romania where you Dive into Culture includes the mythical home of Dracula, Bran Castle in Braşov. Check for other tours in Brasov if you want to visit major attractions in Romania as this is the most popular tourist city in the country.

Along the way, other iconic sights include the Tsaravets Fortress in Veliko Târnovo, the Church of the Nativity in Arbanasi, the War Tunnel in Sarajevo and Kalmegdan Fortress in Belgrade for an incredible experience in this part of the world.

“These lesser-known destinations still offer the things travellers love about Europe: timeless cultures, incredible cuisine and stunning landscapes,” said Mae Cheah, President, Trafalgar, Asia  “Better still, by supporting these destinations, and helping to bring guests to these fantastic up-and-coming places where our guests can engage in unique Trafalgar experiences that are immersive and help bring each destination to life, is an exciting time for us,” added Ms Cheah.

Under-tourism European Destinations – 2020 Itineraries

In keeping with Trafalgar’s commitment to connecting you to places, people and experiences each 2020 itinerary includes at least one of Trafalgar’s famous Be My Guest experiences, the first local immersion experience of its kind when it was introduced by the brand a decade ago.  With a commitment to supporting local individuals and businesses, particularly those off the beaten track, these experiences unlock deeply meaningful encounters for both guests and hosts and help them maintain their businesses and livelihoods. The opportunity to connect with a local in their homes to hear their stories over a meal have become one the brands richest travel highlights.

From taking part in a masterclass on local bread making as part of a Be My Guest experience in Georgia, to tasting Macedonian flavours including rakija, the local brandy, to dinner in the home of one of Ireland’s top celebrity chefs, these experiences allow you to learn about the local culture and stories of the places they visit in ways typically not possible, and not found in guide books.

Other exclusive Trafalgar highlights that ensure you Dive into Culture include an unmissable after-hours dining experience inside the Vatican, or more sensory hands-on activities such learning how to make Armenia’s national flatbread, a visit to a Florentine market then making pasta with an Italian chef, mixing a perfume at one of France’s oldest perfume houses or visiting an Andalusian family farm to learn how they produce olive oil. For younger folks, they have hands-on fun-themed experiences such as transforming into a Roman Gladiator at Gladiator School or even trying their hand at archery while channelling their inner Game of Thrones character in Ireland.

The company is also proud to place strong value on absolute transparency for you. As the first brand in travel to use FEEFO, the third-party verified satisfaction rating, currently 4.7/5, the brand has this year taken it one step further with this year’s brochure including FEEFO ratings on every trip page for complete transparency to prospective guests.

Under-tourism European Destinations – Make A Difference

Always at the centre of Trafalgar’s mission is helping you travel more responsibly, with Make A Difference experiences on many itineraries that help travellers directly give back to the communities they visit. From 2018, Trafalgar has planted a tree for every guest that chooses to travel paper free and receive e-documents instead of printed travel documents. To date, Trafalgar has reforested 359 acres of trees with longstanding partner One Tree Planted in Northern California and Tanzania.

When it comes to plastic, Trafalgar has also removed single-use bottles on all their coaches throughout Europe, to name just a few of more than 80 worldwide initiatives the brand has been making a difference to their three pillars supporting people, places and wildlife and the planet under the guidance of TreadRight, the not-for-profit foundation established by Trafalgar’s parent company The Travel Corporation, more than a decade ago.

Trafalgar also ensures you enjoy a hassle-free holiday with included airport transfers, and the expertise of a knowledgable and passionate Travel Director who will take care of all the logistics every day of their trip, as well as accommodation, included sightseeing, transport all included as part of their holiday. You can then unwind and truly enjoy their experience as they take a break from their hectic lifestyles back home. Add to this 53% annual repeat past guests and up to 10% early payment discount, the time is now to book a trip to Europe for Simply the Best holiday in travel. Visit www.trafalgar.com/asia to learn more.

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