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Use Twitter Like A Pro: Rules To Become An Influencer

Twitter influencers have built a huge fan base and have a lot of influence on Twitter. You can call them professional users. Twitter influencers wield control over what is being discussed. They influence trends and hot topics, so brands will often harness their influence to push their products.

Become a Pro at Using Twitter

As a professional Twitter user, you wield the influence to control discussion topics, trends. An influencer can help brands get exposure for their products. As nice as it sounds, being a Twitter influencer is no walk in the park; it requires many things, and luckily for you, we wrote this post to let you know how to use Twitter like a pro.

Work on Your Bio

When subscribers are looking for an account to follow, the first thing they check is the bio. Your potential followers go through your bio to decide if it is worth following you, so be sure your bio is not generic; make it real and interesting, put some character to it, and ensure it is unique. Talk about yourself, put keywords that represent your niche, but avoid empty buzzwords. You can mention your achievements, your employer or company.

Use Your Real Picture as Your Profile Photo

Appearance matters a lot when it comes to using Twitter like a pro. Your followers need to relate to your account, and it helps to put a face to it. Think about it this way when your profile picture is your real face, your subscribers will associate humanity with your profile and make you more relatable rather than abstract.

Brand Yourself and Define Your Niche

Influencers are experts over certain topics and niches. If you want to tweet like a professional, then stick to a particular niche; don’t post by jumping on every trend. Combine different niches to give your followers a unique experience, as this is part of branding yourself. If you are combining specialties, make sure they are related; an example is, photography and travel will combine to give you travel-photography. Proper branding will help your subscriber understand.

Subscribe to a Twitter Productivity Tool

Gain more Twitter followers at the cheapest using TweetBoost. If you are having problems with gaining followers or not getting them fast enough, you may subscribe to a productivity tool. One of the few known secrets of pro users is that they sometimes buy followers. Buying followers can give you a boost if you are new to social media influencing.

Run Ads

Ads are an excellent way to give your content exposure and broadcast your social media account to a large audience. Influencers on Instagram and Twitter often run ads to gain more subscribers. A great ad campaign will help boost your followers on social media like Instagram by making you more visible.

Post Concise and High-Quality Tweets

After defining your niche, the next thing on your list is putting out content. It would help if you held as a rule that you should always high-quality posts that serve your following, and when you post, let it be straight to the point. Avoid posting a long and empty thread and low-quality posts. It will negatively affect your brand and account if you post a lot with little useful content as subscribers will see you as a spamming account.

Understand the Power of Interaction

Social media revolves around interaction. Twitter encourages and bases its mode of operation on conversations and dialogue. Interacting with your YouTube subscribers, Instagram and Twitter followers does the following:

  • It gives you an invaluable advantage because your audience feels seen and feel that they matter.
  • Engaging your fan base improves their loyalty to you, which will, in turn, translate to more followers as they will recommend you through word of mouth to their friends.

You can engage with your followers by responding to questions they pose, by passing comments on their posts, and by liking or retweeting. When you engage with your subscribers, they are motivated to interact with more of your posts.

Twitter Influencer Secrets You Should Know

Asides from the tips we gave you above on using Twitter like a pro, these are some of the secrets of influencers you need to know. If you want to take your social media influence to the next level, these secrets will help you along your way.

Small Beginnings

When you look at a YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, you may get intimidated and wonder if you can achieve such a feat, but rest assured these channels started from the ground up. If they did it, then you can too. Every influencer starts from zero followers till they become blown.

Use of Analytics Tools

Successful Twitter influencers employ various strategies, and they track each strategy’s success by employing analytics. Most social media come with analytics built into their system. To take advantage of the analytics tool, navigate the analytics panel, and see what works and what doesn’t work.

Advanced Searches

Twitter has a feature that allows you to carry out complex searches. Most people use the normal search feature on Twitter, but you should know how to carry out advanced searches as a pro user. Using advanced searches narrows down results or broaden it. You can do more complex searches on Twitter by using Boolean algorithms.

Tweet Golden Ratio

The golden tweet ratio is based on research, your audience, and the data gotten from analytics. However, for most parts, you can use the ratio 3:6:1, which means that you should create 30% of your tweets while you curate 60% for your audience. Just 10% of your posts should be promotional.

Be Consistent

Some people think having high-quality posts is all that matters, and they end up neglecting their fans. If you want to be a successful and professional Twitter user, you need to post consistently; but don’t spam your fans. Have a posting schedule; post at intervals to always captivate your audience.


Influencers will often collaborate to help grow their following, so look out for those established Twitter influencers with values that align with your brand’s then meet with them. To collaborate with major influencers, you need to present something of great value that will sway them. Smaller influencers, too, can collaborate to reach a larger audience than they can independently. Ensure that the Pro Twitter users and other influencers you want to collaborate with don’t have any scandals. Also, they should have the same values as your brand does.

Is it worth it Becoming a Pro Twitter User?

You will get a lot of perks when you start tweeting like a pro. You can make money as a professional tweeter; you will help bring a lot of value to your brand. However, you should know that you have to work very hard before becoming an influencer and being dedicated to the task.


On your journey to become a Pro social media user, you will need to build and gain your followers’ trust and loyalty carefully. It can be a daunting task, but everyone would be tweeting like a pro if it was easy. Here are things you need to keep at the back of your mind on your way to become a professional Twitter user and an influencer.

  • Write a great bio
  • Define your niche and work on your brand image
  • Posting concise and good quality content is of utmost importance
  • Engage and interact with your fans
  • Post consistently
  • And remember that it is all about hard work and dedication.

Read this post carefully, and with dedication, you will be using Twitter and other mediums as a pro in time.

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