Trapped Singapore Claims No One Escaped Without Lifelines!

Escape room games are getting more and more popular in Singapore these days and they range from virtual games applications to real-life experiences. The true blue real-life experience type involves people who are locked up in a room and they have to use their wits and elements in the room to solve puzzles and be on the look out for clues to find a way out of their confinement within the designated time limit.

Trapped 5D Escape Game - AspirantSG

The themes of these rooms can be inspired from your familiar adventure board games, movie or even dramas. There are a few escape rooms operators in Singapore and each of them has their own and unique characters. We were thrilled to received an invitation from Trapped Escape Room Singapore and these generous folks were really kind to extend their invitation to 5 of our bravest and smartest adventure seekers for the experience.

Trapped Escape Room Game Singapore - AspirantSG

A Little Background About Trapped Singapore

Trapped Singapore command 2 outlets at rather centralised youth spots in Singapore – SCAPE & Kampung Glam. Each of the outlets have their own unique escape rooms themes for some group mind boggling post dinner entertainment.

Trapped Singapore - AspirantSG

We decided to take on the challenge at their SCAPE outlet and was hosted by Sarah who’s on duty for the day. She gave us a quick introduction on the 3 themes present at this outlet – World War 3: Zombie Edition, Today the 13th & The Avengers. We went for the Zombie Game as we thought we are more than adequately prepared for it from all the zombie movies, dramas and literature that we have plough through. Plus we also heard its the easiest of the 3 so we should be able to conquer it within our expected time frame.

Zombies World War 3 Trapped - AspirantSG

With that, Sarah helped us got all our barang barangs into the lockers and gave us a quick brief before rounding us up into the lock up. Of course, there are games rules that you need to obey, here’s for your reading convenience.

Rules Of The Game At Trapped Singapore

Once we are in the Zombie Room, 60 minutes count down starts! Fear slowly crept into me as the entire room suddenly went black and it became dead silent! It took our eyes a while to get used to our new surroundings and we managed to find our first puzzle. Sourcing the clues to solve the puzzle however was a tall order. It was tough trying to make out text characters in pitch darkness but we managed to pull through with everyone working as a team. Omg.. our eyes…

Darkness during the Zombie Escape Game Trapped Singapore - AspirantSG

Probably due to Not sure whether is it due to watching too much zombie movies or detective dramas, we tend to go into details and think deeply. We are always almost there! ALMOST I would say as we would always ended up using the helpline to get some clues. Clues given were straight forward and easy to understand to help you to resolve your current puzzle. Once you solved, you will need to think what the next step is and how do we get there?

In total, there are 3 mini rooms and each room has their own crucial hint and answer to help you to escape. What you going to do is to look and think out of the box, squeezing your entire brain cells to work together. At time, it is easy to think simple too.

What To Do When You Are Stuck?

No clue will be given at the beginning but they will provide you with this mini hot pink telephone that connects you with the friendly staff to assist you. I adore the phone so much that I volunteered to hold on to it but in the midst of the action I have forgotten to take a picture of it. This phone is a helpline that enable you to make 3 life lines calls to aid you in the process of escaping. Trapped Singapore claimed that nobody has tried to escape the room without any lifelines, we are ready to be the first!

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Well…. we cannot make it also lah. We finally managed to escape the room after using all 3 lifelines and that took slightly more than 1 hour. Nonetheless, it’s all about the fun and laughter that we shared and experience in the room.

Reward for Escaping At Trapped - AspirantSG

Here’s a preview of our group photos with all kinds of lovely props for you to choose from.

Group Photo after surviving the escape room at Trapped - AspirantSG

What’s The Damage?

Each escape room game is priced between $15 to $24 per person. The price fluctuates based on traffic so it is advisable to go for it during off peak periods.

Trapped Escape Room Rates - AspirantSG

Overall, it was a great experience. The atmosphere of the dark spooky room and horrifying props make it even more exciting. The staff was really friendly and helpful and her hospitality they brought to me and my guests were really sweet and pleasant. To add on, Trapped Singapore also provides their service for team bonding programmes. For those who are cracking their head on where to hold their team bonding session, you may suggest this as one of your team bonding activity. For more information on Trapped Singapore, you may visit here.

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