Traditional Gift Ideas For Your Third Marriage Anniversary

Whether you lived together before your wedding, marriage still changes things. Once married, you are going to make the relationship work, whatever it takes. With this commitment comes strength, more openness and an honesty which can lead to couples being more attracted to each other than the day they were married. This makes early anniversary dates just as special as the milestone anniversaries, so here we provide a list of gifts for your 3rd wedding anniversary.

Leather gift ideas

Having celebrated your ‘paper’ and ‘cotton’ anniversaries already, the traditional gifts for your 3rd anniversary are made from a more durable material, representing the lasting nature of your marriage. As leather changes over the years, to become softer, darker and showing scars and imperfections over time, it acts as a reminder to stay flexible to sustain your wedding vows.

Vintage luggage

A vintage, oversized backpack with enough space for a laptop and several zipped pockets for necessities, means your beloved will not need another bag again. A duffel tote bag is another style option and both will look more beautiful the more they are used.

If you are going to travel in style, consider a real leather passport. These come in several colours to suit your beloved’s personal style. Add in some plane tickets for a fun adventure.

Premium Leather Cover for hand-held devices

Whether it’s a kindle, a tablet or a smartphone, a premium leather cover is one of our gift ideas that offer protection and quality.

Business portfolio

A leather portfolio shows you mean business. Match with a leather messenger bag or a leather briefcase for a complete look. An alternative idea is a leather business-card holder.

Customised leather camera or guitar strap

Customise a leather camera or guitar strap as gifts for your 3rd wedding anniversary. Add your initials and the date you got married, you can add a message that fits in with your 3rd anniversary as an everlasting reminder of the date.

Leather pencil case

For the art lover in your life, a compact wrap-around leather pencil case safely keeps together all their writing or artist utensils. An embossed leather sketchbook would be an added bonus gift.

Secret message bracelet or belt

Customise a leather bracelet or belt with a hidden message on the side closest to their skin.This can be the date of your 3rd anniversary or a quote that has meaning for you both. These gift ideas are both stylish and romantic and the thought and planning you have put into it, adds to the charm, even if your words are simply ‘I love you’.

Leather photo album

Gifts for your 3rd wedding anniversary can include memories from the years of your married life. You’ll likely to have a number of photos that you love since your last anniversary. A leather photo album where you add your own photos, printed from your phone or an online album with your favourite pictures and a customised leather cover can become a new annual tradition for the family.

Apple watch strap

An Apple watch now comes with classic leather strap designs with magnetic or stainless steel closures. You can choose to pay more for an Apple Watch Hermès double or leather strap, also in a range of colours.

Leather picture frame

Choose your favourite photograph from your third wedding anniversary celebrations and frame it in a leather photo frame, or choose one of the photographs taken of you together during your third year of marriage.


Whether it’s a pair of gorgeous Christian Louboutin leather boots for winter, soft calf leather sandals from Jimmy Choo or some amazing loafers, Oxfords, work shoes, Dr Marten’s etc., this is a gift that will give both comfort and joy to your spouse.

Touchscreen leather gloves

It is now possible to have vintage leather gloves that can be used in the modern high-tech world of touchscreen and texting. Available in styles for men and women, you’ll never want to take these off in winter.

Leather jacket

Whether you want a leather bomber jacket, biker jacket, embroidered, belted or embellished jacket, there are a range of leather jackets for your closet for both of you.

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