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Top Must Visit Cafes In Singapore – Best Themed Cafe Concepts

To fuel Singaporeans’ love for lazy afternoon chill out, cafes are sprung up like mushrooms all over our little island! With so many cafes and so little weekends within a year, we decided to do you the favour of highlighting some of the top die die must visit cafes in Singapore for their unique themed cafe concepts. Here’s the top 10 list of some of our favourite themed cafes in Singapore. You may also like to check out Cafes for Best Sunday Brunch & Best Pet Friendly Cafes in Singapore.

1. Antoinette – Touch Of French Royalty

Named after Marie-Antoinette, the last Queen of France who was so often revered for her extravagance and fine taste, Antoinette invites brunch seekers to share their joie de vivre in the cafe’s beautiful surroundings reminiscent of an elegant boudoir with an excess of meticulously crafted cakes, pastries and fine food. Indulge in their popular All Day Breakfast selections, French Toasts and French Thick Pancakes for your well deserved Sunday Brunch. If you have space for sweet endings, check out their time-honoured French classic desserts. READ MORE


2. Riders Cafe – Classy Old World Charm

Opened in July 2007 by owner Janice Yeo, Riders Café has quickly established itself as one of Singapore’s most popular brunch spot. Hidden somewhere behind the lush greenery in the heart of Bukit Timah, Riders Cafe is located in one of the most unique venues in this urban city. Despite being terribly inaccessible, herds of brunch seekers still make their way over diligently to get their hands on the infamous Death By Chocolate Cake. READ MORE

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Riders Cafe
Photo Taken By Herfelicity

3. Old School Delight – Reminisce The Good Old Days  

Those of us who have ermmm crossed the BIG 30 will find this charming old school cafe located at Upper Thomson Road a warm & fuzzy reminder of our childhood days at Nursery, Kindergarten & Primary School. The cafe seeks to transport it’s diners back in time to the retro 80’s classrooms where teachers are still using chalkboards and school canteen aka tuckshop serves the traditional local delights. A lovely place to spend the lazy weekend afternoon with close childhood friends to catch up over familiar food, drinks and games. READ MORE


4. Food For Thought – Bask In The Lush Greenery

Situated within the oldest and most historically significant garden of our busy city, Food For Thought makes an ideal weekend brunch venue for family and community bonding. The cafe serves all day breakfast at a reasonable price and there’s an indoor playground available for families with children. Plus you can take a nice stroll in Botanical Gardens to walk off your scrambled eggs, sausages and coffee. Be warned, this place is not for you if you cannot stand crowd, noisy chatters and running children. READ MORE

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5. Carpenter & Cook – Vintage Lovers’ Haven

Carpenter and Cook is more than just a cafe. It houses both an Artisan Bakery and Vintage Home Store. The cafe boast of an artsy old-school vintage vibe with lots of interesting antiques and vintage items on display for sale. In fact, even the cakes and beverages are being served on dainty vintage tableware. The cafe is a place for desserts & afternoon tea. You will be disappointed if you are coming for fuller meals or weekend brunch. READ MORE

Carpenter & Cook Cafe - AspirantSG
Photo By Yina Goes

6. The Coastal Settlement – Rustic Seafront Village Allure 

This casual dining restaurant, cafe and bar housed in a quint single storey colonial building offers a one of its kind village home-like environment, with a view of Mother Nature’s plantation of greens and a peek of the sea. Old Vespa scooters together with chairs, old clocks, broken tiles and anything else old and broken created a messy yet charming character. READ MORE

The Coastal Settlement - AspirantSG
Photo By Shenny Yang

7. Chye Seng Huat Hardware – Industrial Warehouse Chic

The creative folks of this cafe managed to transfer an old, run-down, hardware shop into a comfortable, air-conditioned cafe. The facade still remains as that of the old shophouse, you got to get past the front gates to view the transformed interior. Other than complaints of limited seats, this cafe is a hit with hipsters and just a stone throw away from Lavender MRT. READ MORE

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
Photo By Miss Tam Chiak

8. The Fabulous Baker Boy – Nostalgic Makeover Success

True to their name, The Fabulous Baker Boy Cafe at The Viridian Art House along The Foothills Of Fort Canning Park is home to some of the best cakes in Singapore – particularly their Ab Fab Red Velvet Cake! Not known to many of the younger Singaporeans, the very spot where the cafe stands used to be the canteen of the former River Valley Swimming Complex. The cafe conserved the wall and floor mosaic tiles from its nostalgic 1970’s. Come in a pack and go easy on the breakfast entrees to sample their divine pastries selection. READ MORE

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9. W39 Bistro and Bakery – Bright, Chirpy & Casual Hangout

To address readers who feel that I am biased towards makan places in the far west, here’s W39 for you! Yes, there is finally a nice cafe where the west coast folks can be proud of. We adore the cheerful yellow, white and blue colour theme and its adorable wooden furniture make it homelier than ever. I can so imagine myself typing furiously away on my mac (free wifi) while sipping my coffee on a weekend afternoon. Heard that they serve really good mains too. READ MORE

W39 Bistro & Bakery - AspirantSG
Photo By SG Food On Foot

10. The Book Cafe – Good Read With Coffee

This is a cafe that’s designed with readers in mind. Other than the sit down dining area, the couch area makes it the perfect hideout for bookworms to curl up in the world of books and magazines. READ MORE

The Book Cafe - AspirantSG
Photo By Shotsense

We will do our best to update our recommendations regularly, you can help us by dropping your suggestions in the comments section below.

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