Top Destinations For Family Travels In March School Holidays

Your days are a whirlwind of work, harried takeaway dinners and running after the kids. If that sounds familiar, a break is in order. With the March school holidays round the corner, here’s your chance to pack those bags and fly off with the kids in tow! Skyscanner reveals ten popular destinations for Singapore travellers to enjoy a relaxing, fuss-free family holiday during the 2016 March school holidays.

Family Travels During March School Holidays - AspirantSG

1. Hong Kong

Feel the pulse of the pearl of the orient with your family during the school holidays. One of the most exciting cities around, Hong Kong is just a short hop from Singapore, and is wonderfully easy to get around in. The food will keep everyone happy and full, the shopping will woo the ladies and there are tons of attractions that will keep the kids entertained. Think Disneyland and Ocean Park, just to name a few. For something tame yet spectacular, take the sights of the harbour in on a ride with the Star Ferry, or for an extra memorable evening, watch the Symphony of Lights with the entire family. Check out your Cheap flights to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong - AspirantSG

2. Tokyo

A trip to Tokyo with the family will win you tons of bonus points. It will be one of the holidays that you will recap and talk about together forever, even with your relatives and neighbours. Your little ones will be clamouring for a visit to Tokyo Disneyland, which will make you feel like a kid all over again. Afterwards, head to one of the towering monuments on the east side of town, like Tokyo Tower or the newly completed Tokyo Sky Tree, to take in the jaw-dropping skyline of the city. Check out an exhilarating baseball game in the historic Meiji Jingu Stadium, where legends of Japan, America and other countries have swung their bats – everyone in the family will get carried away by the electric atmosphere. A trip to the famed bustling fish market, Tsukiji fish market, will reward early risers with some of the freshest sashimi you’ll ever taste, and for a slice of history, head to Tokyo’s Edo Museum to see how it all began in this world capital. Check out your Cheap flights to Tokyo.

Tokyo Japan - AspirantSG

3. Bangkok

You can’t live in Singapore and not make the short trip to one of the world’s most talked about cities, Bangkok. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this bustling city, where day and night the city pulses with life. For culture, take your loved ones to one of Bangkok’s many temples, such as Wat Pho, where they can get a taste of the city’s spiritual side. The canal tours are also a great option, breezy and cooling on hot days with a nice cup of Thai iced tea to sweeten the deal. If your kids are animal lovers, then take them to Siam Ocean World, a world-class aquarium where they can see some of the sea’s most majestic denizens, or Safari World, to witness exotic animals performing remarkable feats. For something a bit more rustic, hop on a boat and head north to Koh Kred island, and enjoy a peaceful afternoon of renowned Thai hospitality. Check out your Cheap flights to Bangkok

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4. Taipei

Taiwan is an underrated destination with lots to offer travelling families looking for food, fun and more. In the city, take your kids’ breath away at the Observation Deck atop Taipei 101. For a food binge and shopping spree, as well as a glimpse of Taiwan’s hipster side, head over to Maji Maji square to fill your stomachs and shopping bags. Later, escape the city by heading to Yangmingshan national park for a soak in one of the many hot springs there. Tien Lai actually has a mineral water slide, which your kids will love. Check out your Cheap flights to Taipei

Red House Theatre XiMenDing Taipei Taiwan - AspirantSG

5. Bali

Bali is a family favourite for many reasons. Easy-to-please families are content to spend their days beach-side, splashing, surfing, diving or just tanning. But beyond the beaches and resorts, Bali has plenty to offer travellers with even young children. Bali Treetop Adventure is a great place for kids to climb and jump and fly without fear of serious injury. For those chafing from all the salt in the water, a trip to Waterbom Bali for a day of splashing in clean chlorinated pools is definitely what the doctor ordered. Those with a sweet tooth will not want to miss Charly’s Chocolate Factory where kids can follow the cocoa’s journey from bean to bar (and of course to mouth). Finally, those hungering for a glimpse of the deep need not be hindered by lack of a diving license at the Ultimate Seawalker Experience, where they can strap on a helmet and get up close and personal with the creatures of the reefs. Check out your Cheap flights to Bali Bali Indonesia - AspirantSG

6. Melbourne

Melbourne is a fan favourite for its many charms; this beautiful seaside city has all the nostalgia of the old world and the excitement and optimism of the new. Known for its art and music, families can also find access to beaches, nature, sports and fun, and get around by tram without worrying about hiring a car or expensive taxi fares. Take the family for a ride on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, where you can get a view of the whole countryside. Animal Land Children’s Farm is also a great place for your little ones to interact with cute and furry animals. Finally, Queen Victoria Market is a sensory wonderland of fresh produce and fantastic products that will your kids will love. Check out your Cheap flights to Melbourne

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7. Kuala Lumpur

Our neighbour to the north is an obvious choice for some makan and some lepak should you be looking for a quick family getaway. If your kids are scientifically inclined, they will learn a thing or two at Petronas Discovery Centre, filled with hands-on displays that will turn your kids on to the wonders of science. Berjaya Times Square is a fantastic mega mall with its own internal theme park, where your kids can experience thrills and spills as you do your shopping. If you get the urge to revisit the old kampong days, or show your kids what farming is like, pay a visit to Farm in the City, where they can interact with critters in the petting zoo or sample fruits and vegetables grown only metres away from where they stand. Check out your Cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur

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8. Seoul

Your kids have probably already been bitten by the K-Pop bug, and now it’s your turn to see what exactly fascinates everyone about this charming city. For a glimpse of Korea’s long and rich history, take the troop to the Korean Folk Village to learn about the way that past generations of Koreans used to live. Next, take a ride from the base of Namsan Mountain to the Namsan Tower and enjoy the views from its lofty heights. You can’t leave without paying a visit to Lotte World, located in the heart of the city and filled with rides, an ice rink, parades, museums and many, many more. Oh, and there’s shopping and plenty of culinary adventures to be had as well! Check out your Cheap flights to Seoul


9. Manila

The capital of the Philippines is an excellent jump-off point for some excellent attractions for the whole family to enjoy on the island of Luzon. Hidden Valley Springs, a secluded resort in a crater of an extinct forest volcano, is amazing, and the sights you discover exploring this area will not be soon forgotten. Some trees are hundreds of years old and you can find a handful of natural pools, which includes two shallow ones for your tykes. Subic Bay is another destination that all will enjoy. It was once an American Naval Base and is a paradise for divers and other activities like boat rides. Skyranch is a leisure park featuring the Tagaytay Eye, the country’s tallest Ferris Wheel standing at 63 metres. Here, you will be able to see the breathtaking view of Mt. Taal, which is the world’s smallest volcano. The park recently opened in 2013, so all the rides and attractions are still relatively new! Earn bragging rights by being some of the first to have a go. Check out your Cheap flights to Manila

Divisoria Market Manila Philippines - AspirantSG

10. London

London, the crown jewel of the British Empire, is alive with both rich history and exciting modernity. For fantasy fans, the Harry Potter tour is a must, and everyone will enjoy the epic Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Hyde Park is a great place to unwind for an afternoon, and has heaps of space for the kids to run around, and sporty dads will definitely enjoy a trip to one of the many football stadiums in town. Cheer for your favourite Premier League team elbow-to-elbow with your fellow fans, and it’s never too early to teach your kids the rules of the game! Check out your Cheap flights to London

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We hope you enjoyed our selection of Top Destinations For Family Travels In March School Holidays. Have a great trip and enjoy the quality family bonding!

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