Top 5 Delicious And Easy To Prepare Dishes For Students

All the students are put at the risk of having problems with stomach because of the inconsistent nutrition and constant stress that includes personal problems, lack of time and workload (assignments, part-time job, “write my essay problem”, etc). Here, we present you with the relevantly healthy and not time-consuming options to cook. In addition, you do not need a lot of money to spend.

1. Pasta with mayonnaise, ketchup or cheese with some greenery

Pasta is very popular with students. Pasta may be extremely appropriate taking into account the cash-strapped situation for most students. Of course, when you have no money and time, you can use instant noodles. But even a pasta diet may include variety. For an instant, take a packet of pasta, ketchup, cheese and some greenery.

Macaroni needs to be boiled, put in a bowl and flavoured with mayonnaise or ketchup or sprung with some cheese and greenery like basil or parsley. If pasta is still left, it can later be warmed in a frying pan and in the same way — served with mayonnaise or ketchup -and eaten up:)

Sometimes some seasonings/or stock cubes can be used as a substitute for mayonnaise and ketchup. They must be dissolved in hot water in the proportions indicated on the package. This soup can be a good sauce for pasta or noodles.

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2. Salad of fresh cabbage and carrots (you may add tuna there too)

Cabbage is a very economical product. Of course, as students, you have to save on products. But still want to eat, not only cheap but also tasty and useful food. So, from time to time add to your diet various “vitamin” salads. And it is not necessary that they should be based on cucumbers or tomatoes.

For these salads, you can use, budget products like cabbage and carrots. So, buy a small cabbage and a few carrots. Cabbage should be cut and carrot grated. All of this mix into a salad (to have a sappy and tasty salad, use hands to mix cabbage with carrots and even squeeze the mix a little bit), salt to taste and spring with a small amount of vegetable oil. The oil can be used “smelly”, that is the unrefined oil.

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3. Home Grilled Chicken

Chicken is a great option for students who do want to indulge in meat. If you are not a vegetarian, you will definitely sometimes want to eat some meat. Chicken is very easy to prepare and inexpensive. If there is an oven, cooking something delicious will not be a difficult task.

It is necessary to buy a whole frozen chicken since it usually costs less. Before cooking, it is necessary to unfreeze it. You may just out it outside the fridge or use a micro-oven to facilitate the process and be quicker.

Place the whole chicken (it is not necessary to cut it) on a baking tray with salt. Add some seasonings to it (curry is the best option), but this is optional. You may also put a garlic inside the chicken, it will give it a smell and a delicious taste. Put the pan in the oven after you heated it. There, it must prepare for one hour. If you cook the chicken this way, it will taste like a grilled one. As a garnish prepare some potatoes or a salad mentioned previously.

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4. Roasted Pork Liver

Very tasty, healthy and cheap food can be prepared from the liver. It is necessary to buy beef or pork liver, pork is cheaper. Liver should be cut into small pieces and later rolled in the flour. Then put it in the pan and fry it over medium heat for 2 minutes on each side. Do not fry longer, as the liver becomes dryish. Basically, the liver is ready. The middle of the frying pan can be filled with water. Then you will not only have fried liver, but liver sauce too, which then can be added to rice, pasta, or potatoes.

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5. A soup with beans and vegetables

Soup can be delicious even without meat. If you cook a large pot, then take 3 or 4 medium-sized potatoes, and I cut them into several pieces. Then throw them in a boiling water in a saucepan. 10 Minutes and potatoes are ready. Meanwhile, cut an onion and a carrot, fry them.

Then put some nicely chopped cabbage and sauteed onions and carrots, add salt and pepper. If you have a 3-liter pot, there should be approximately 400 or 500 grammes of cabbage. Before the soup is ready, put some beans from the can and wait 5 minutes more till it’s completely ready. Usually, it takes about an hour to prepare a soup like this.

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Hope you enjoyed our recommendations for easy to cook student meals. Bon appetit!

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